• vacuum hardening furnace

vacuum hardening furnace

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Maximum temperature: 2200 ℃
Door opening type: Side opening
Power supply: 380v/50Hz
Extreme vacuum degree: 3*10-4
Furnace cavity size: 900*600*600mm

Product Details

Equipment Overview

The vacuum hardening furnace is a heat treatment equipment for metal materials, whose main function is to heat the metal material in a vacuum environment to quickly cool it after reaching a certain temperature,

Thereby changing the microstructure of metal materials through chemical reactions, improving their hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and other properties.

The function of a vacuum hardening furnace

1) Improving hardness:

This device can change the grain structure on the surface of metal materials, forming finer grains, thereby improving the surface hardness of metal materials and enhancing their wear resistance.

2) Improving corrosion resistance:

It can also form a dense oxide film on the surface of metal materials, thereby improving the corrosion resistance of the metal.

3) Improving surface quality:

After the vacuum furnace hardening, the surface of the metal material will not undergo chemical reactions such as oxidation, thereby improving its surface quality and making it smoother and smoother.

Vacuum hardening furnace data

1Maximum temperature2200℃
2Door opening typeSide opening
3Extreme vacuum degree5*10-4
4Furnace cavity size90*60*60cm
5Brand: Changheng
6Production location: China
7Power supply380v/50Hz
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vacuum brazing process

vacuum hardening furnace process

  • Pre-treatment:

Before vacuum hardening, the material needs to be pre-treated, such as removing surface oxides, oil stains, etc., to ensure the cleanliness of the material surface.

  • Vacuum pumping:

Put the material to be processed into a vacuum quenching heat treatment furnace, and discharge the air and impurities in the furnace through vacuum pumping, creating a vacuum environment inside the furnace.

  • Heating:

Heat the material to be heated to the desired temperature in a vacuum environment. The heating temperature and time need to be set according to the properties and requirements of the material.

  • Insulation:

Keep the heated material in a vacuum environment for some time. The length of insulation time depends on the properties of the material and the required hardness requirements.

  • Quenching:

After the insulation is completed, the material is rapidly cooled by rapid cooling to achieve the required hardness.

vacuum hardening furnace There are various ways of rapid cooling, such as water quenching, oil quenching, etc.