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  • vacuum annealing furnace manufacture

vacuum annealing furnace manufacture

Catalog: Vacuum brazing

Delivery time: 120 days

Temperature Uniformity: ±5℃

Loading Capacity: 200-1000Kg

Max. Temperature: 1300℃

Ultimate Pressure: 2*10-3Pa

Product Details

Machine Overview

The vacuum annealing furnace is an efficient, reliable, and safe metal material hot working equipment, suitable for annealing and heat treatment processes of various metals, widely used in aerospace, mechanical manufacturing, electronic industry, and other fields.

The vacuum annealing furnace is the most commonly used heat treatment process in the industrial field, which can improve the microstructure and properties of metals, and enhance their corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and mechanical properties.

Characteristics of vacuum annealing furnace

1, High precision control

Adopting a PLC control system, the intelligent temperature controller has high-precision temperature control capability, ensuring the stability of the heat treatment process.

2, Wide application range

Vacuum annealing furnaces can be used for various metal materials, such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, etc.

3, Rapid cooling

The furnace body has been equipped with a water cooling device, which can quickly reduce the temperature inside the furnace and improve work efficiency.

4, Multiple operation modes

Users can choose between automatic and manual undisturbed switching, and operate according to different heat treatment needs.

At the same time, the vacuum furnace also has an abnormal alarm function and a safety protection device, ensuring the safety and reliability of operation and improving production efficiency.

Vacuum annealing furnace technical data

1Delivery time120 days
2Temperature Uniformity±5℃
3Loading Capacity200-1000Kg
4Max. Temperature1300℃
5Ultimate Pressure2*10-3Pa
6Cavity sizecustomized
Any size
7Control programautonomous
vacuum annealing furnace process
vacuum annealing furnace


Q: What metals can this device anneal?

A: It can be applied to all metal materials.

Q: What are the detailed technical parameters of this device?

A: You can contact our engineers to get all the details about it.

Q: How long does a complete annealing process take?

A: The annealing process may vary, and the time required may vary, typically requiring 2-4 hours.