• brazing furnace temperature recording instrument
  • brazing furnace temperature recording instrument

brazing furnace temperature recording instrument

Catalog: Brazing furnace

furnace temperature recording instrument

Place of production :china

Customer customization:yes

resolving power 0.1 ℃

Battery: Li-ion 950mA

measuring range : - 40~1370 ℃

Product Details

Temperature recording instrument Another name is the Furnace temperature data recorder the machine adopts a computer direct reading display, which is more convenient to operate

Furnace temperature tracker applicable scope:

Aluminum brazing furnace, plastic spraying, metal baking varnish, surface treatment, heat treatment, ceramics and other industries are widely used

temperature recording instrument technical data

  • Product Name: Furnace temperature tracker
  • Power consumption of thermometer: ≤35mA
  • Number of channels : 4/6/8/9/10/12/16/20/24/32
  • Battery: Li-ion 950mA
  • Acquisition rate: 0.05 s ~ 999.95s (optional as required)
  • Thermometer size: 140mm*62mm*20mm
  • measurement accuracy : ± 0.5 ℃ + sensor accuracy 0.3%
  • Operating voltage: DC3. 7V~DC4. 2V
  • resolving power 0.1 ℃
  • Continuous test: The maximum storage time is 16 times
  • Maximum internal temperature: 80.0 ℃
  • Memory capacity : 230400 data points
  • Start mode : Key start / delay start / temperature start
  • Sensor: K-type thermocouple
  • measuring range : – 40~1370 ℃
Brazing furnace black box

Brazing furnace temperature curve

software analysis of Furnace temperature data recorder

  1. Unsatisfactory curves can be modified and adjusted
  2. The heating time between any two temperatures can be calculated
  3. Time above N temperature points can be calculated
  4. Each curve can be bold
  5. The cursor can be used to display the temperature difference at the same time point
  6. Can be saved in Excel format
  7. The test results directly display the peak temperature
  8. Test data of N times can be compared
  9. The test report can be output in WORD or PDF format
  10. Systematic management of furnace temperature zone
Brazing furnace temperature
Brazing furnace temperature record
Furnace temperature data recorder