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  • Used brazing furnace for car aluminum radiator

Used brazing furnace for car aluminum radiator

name: Used Brazing furnace

Place of production: china

Customer customization: yes

Tunnel size: 10000*1000*250mm

type: Continuous brazing production

Product Details

Used brazing furnace outline

The used brazing furnace equipment uses non-corrosive flux (NOCOLOK Flux) Under the protection of nitrogen atmosphere, to continuously braze the heat exchanger, oil cooler, intercooler, warm air, tubular condenser, evaporator, parallel flow condenser, laminated evaporator and aluminum heat exchanger of air cooler in power station

The used brazing furnace is in continuous production, and the control system uses physical keys, so it will be very easy to update later, We can also remanufacture a new generation of the power control system for this brazing furnace, It has a touch screen and plc control, and the program controls the whole temperature rise process.

This brazing furnace can produce all the products in the following pictures, You can also contact our engineers for more details

Aluminum radiator core
Aluminum cooling products

Used brazing furnace main parameter

  • Name: second-hand brazing furnace
  • Total length: 35m
  • Power: 385kav
  • Tunnel width: 800mm
  • Fastest speed: 1200 mm/min
  • Manufacturing time: 2015
  • Redecorating: Yes
  • Power supply: 380V / 50Hz
  • Flux system: Yes
Touch screen10.1 inches
Heating typeelectric
Cooling typeair-cooled
Nitrogen valveequipped with
Brazing arealength 8 meters
Temperature controlfully automatic
PLC brandMitsubishi
Aluminum fluxNOCOLOK
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Our services

– After purchasing this aluminum brazing furnace production line, we will contact the ship to transport it to the port of your country

– We provide production line renovation services, parts replacement, repainting, and other services

– Installation Used brazing furnace production line, Our engineers will go to your factory to install the production line, but you need to pay for our engineers’ air tickets, hotels, visas, etc

– Technical training, our engineers will train your engineers and workers on how to manufacture high-quality aluminum radiators and condensers, He will leave your factory and come back to China

– All aluminum radiator parts support, we can provide all technical support for your market to purchase all radiator parts

– For other services, we will not hesitate to provide all the support we can provide in China

aluminum brazing furnace

Continuous brazing furnace

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