• nitrogen brazing furnace Top manufacturers in China

nitrogen brazing furnace Top manufacturers in China

Catalog: Aluminum Brazing

Nitrogen purity: 99.999%

flux: Nocolok

Temperature zone: 10 zone

Tunnel size: 10*1*0.25m

Workbench height: 850mm

Product Details

Main features of nitrogen brazing furnace

The new generation of nitrogen brazing furnace is a high-efficiency, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly brazing production line. It is mainly applicable to the continuous brazing production of aluminum radiators, condensers, intercoolers, and evaporators

Compared to traditional brazing equipment, our brazing furnace has more advantages, such as the appearance can be customized according to customer requirements,

The use of nitrogen is reduced by 65% compared to the previous generation of products, and the control system uses an industrial computer to achieve remote control.

Nitrogen purity99.999%
Temperature zone10 zone
Tunnel size10*1*0.25m
Workbench height850mm
Degreasing furnaceOptional
Cooling typeair cooling

nitrogen brazing furnace merit

1) The appearance of the nitrogen brazing furnace can be designed according to customer needs, giving customers more choices.

From the body material, and surface coating color, to the entire appearance design,

it can be completely customized according to customer requirements, making customers more satisfied.

2) This equipment uses a more environmentally friendly design than previous products, greatly reducing nitrogen consumption, reducing production costs,

and also greatly reducing air pollution, achieving the effect of saving energy and reducing environmental pollution.

controlled brazing
aluminum brazing furnaces

3) The control system of the nitrogen brazing furnace is controlled by an industrial computer, making production operations more convenient. At the same time, it also has a remote access function, enabling users to remotely control equipment operations,

which is more conducive to centralized management of the enterprise, thereby improving production efficiency and monitoring capabilities.

4) The tunnel of this equipment is made of SS316L material and adopts the same welding process as that used for manufacturing ships, ensuring its quality and safety performance. Long-term use will not produce any harmful substances, ensuring its service life.

5) It is also equipped with a forced cooling system, which allows aluminum products to dissipate heat in a timely manner after high-temperature brazing,

reducing the temperature of the product, and playing an important role in ensuring efficient production.

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In summary, nitrogen brazing furnace has advanced technologies and functions such as appearance customization, energy conservation and environmental protection, and remote control, which are more in line with modern production requirements and more suitable for enterprise production requirements. It can help enterprises improve production efficiency and economic benefits, and make contributions to the sustainable development of enterprises.