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  • furnace tracker of aluminum brazing

furnace tracker of aluminum brazing

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name: brazing furnace tracker

Memory: 660,800 points

Test Channel: 4/6/8/12

Measure Range: -60℃~1370℃

Precision: ±0.5℃

Resolution: 0.1℃

Product Details

brazing furnace tracker

furnace tracker aluminum brazing is famous for its high accuracy, stability and ease of use. The system mainly consists of a programmable data recorder, heat insulation box, thermocouple, and JKLE analysis software.

Furnace tracker applicable scope:

The furnace temperature tester can accurately measure the temperature in the furnace when passing through the high-temperature furnace. The accurate furnace temperature curve can fully understand and control the production process, and maximize the potential of the high-temperature furnace equipment.
The product accurately collects the temperature information when passing through the high-temperature furnace, and then uses JKLE analysis software to download and analyze the measured data, and uses the obtained temperature information to optimize the temperature curve of the production process.

brazing Furnace temperature recorder

temperature recording instrument technical data

  • Memory: 660,800 points
  • Test Channel: 4/6/8/12
  • Measure Range: -60℃~1370℃
  • Precision: ±0.5℃
  • Resolution: 0.1℃
  • Sampling frequency: 0.05s~30 Min
  • Run Voltage: DC3.7V~DC4.2V
  • Battery: 1000mAh
  • Thermocouple: K type
  • name: brazing furnace tracker

FEATURES of brazing furnace tracker

It can cope with the most severe lead-free process and withstand harsh industrial environments;

High efficiency, continuous storage of 16 groups of data, selection of downloading to the computer, grouping analysis and processing;

Ensure that products meet welding specifications and reduce defective products or rework;

Highlight hot and cold spots in the furnace. Find out the problems that occurred in the furnace, use the temperature curve data to find out the causes, and put forward corrective suggestions;

Save time and money on the furnace temperature setting. Optimize process parameters to maximize output and minimize energy costs;

Maximize capacity. Convenient, efficient, and accurate validation of new products;

The product is accurate, reliable, small in size, and large in storage capacity (660800 data points). It uses FLASH memory chips, which will not lose data in case of power failure;

Provide the certificate of process traceability required by ISO9000;

Wifi transmits temperature data and downloads it in time

furnace tracker
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