• vacuum heat treatment furnace at best price in China

vacuum heat treatment furnace at best price in China

Power supply: 380v/50Hz
Max temperature: 650-2000 ℃
Working size: 900*900*1200mm
Delivery time: 60-120 days

This vacuum heat treatment furnace is an industrial production equipment with a vacuum environment, which has a wide range of applications, such as the military industry, shipbuilding industry, digital products, pharmaceutical industry, aerospace, etc

Our engineers and heat treatment experts bring decades of experience into the design, providing first-class manufacturing with advanced industrial equipment and skilled technical personnel. Vacuum heat treatment furnace has become one of the most cost-effective, energy-saving, and technologically advanced furnaces.

In order to meet the manufacturing requirements of demanding parts, precise temperature control is one of the necessary conditions for the vacuum heat treatment furnace. The control system of the furnace uses a 10.1-inch touch screen as human-machine interaction and a visual operation interface. New engineers only need simple training to master all temperature control

To meet the requirements of different customers, we accept customized furnaces of any type. Whether you need aluminum brazing, stress relief, heat treatment, stainless steel brazing, sintering furnace, normalizing, annealing, or tempering, we can provide excellent solutions.

Technical Data

Power supply380v/50Hz
Max temperature650-2000 ℃
Working sizecustomized
Vacuum pressurecustomized
Delivery time60-120 days
vacuum furnace

vacuum heat treatment furnace application

  • aluminum brazing: Mainly welding multiple aluminum parts together
  • Annealing: Eliminating residual stress inside the material
  • Tempering: A heat treatment process in which the workpiece is quenched and held for a period of time before cooling to room temperature.
  • Sintering: Powder or metal is sintered under vacuum conditions in ceramic billets
  • Stainless steel brazing: Multiple stainless steel parts are welded together in a vacuum environment
  • Stress relief: reduces residual stress in the structure of parts and reduces the risk of dimensional changes

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  1. Advanced equipment manufacturing process
  2. Excellent engineers and experienced experts in vacuum heat treatment furnaces
  3. Globally competitive prices
  4. A comprehensive after-sales service team
  5. Visual control system for precise temperature control
  6. Accept customized services for any type of vacuum furnace

Q & A

Q: Do you have a catalog of all vacuum furnaces?

A: Of course, please contact our engineers so that you can easily access our catalog.

Q: What is the maximum temperature for aluminum brazing?

A: The maximum temperature of an aluminum brazing furnace is usually 750℃ Celsius, The actual usage is approximately 630℃.

Q: What size of customized service do you accept?

A: We can accept customization of any size, you can contact us for more details.

Q: Our power supply is 220V three-phase 60Hz. Can we use this vacuum heat treatment furnace?

A: Of course, we can design a control system to meet your power supply needs.