• Continuous brazing furnace for aluminum radiators

Continuous brazing furnace for aluminum radiators

Power Supply: 380V/50Hz

Nitrogen consumption: 85m3/h

Working dimensions: 1200*250mm

Overall dimensions:: 1.6*1.8*45m

Product Details

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This continuous brazing furnace uses nitrogen to protect a fully automated production line for continuously produced aluminum radiators.

This machine adopts the most advanced temperature control system at present, with automatic unattended one-button temperature management, optimal temperature uniformity, and other advantages

Compared to the previous generation of production lines, the latest generation of continuous brazing furnaces saves 55% on nitrogen, 18% on heating power consumption, and 32.2% on power consumption for smoke exhaust and heat dissipation, Using our latest generation brazing furnace for 2 years can save your factory the cost of buying a BMW 525

 technical data

Power Supply380V/50Hz
Nitrogen consumption85m3/h
Working dimensions1200*250mm
Overall dimensions:1.6*1.8*45m
Driving energyelectric
natural gas
Control systemIndustrial computer
brazing furnace manufacturers
brazing furnace manufacturers

Our Strengths

1, Purchase the production line from us, and we will provide all A to Z technical support, training your workers and engineers

2, With 18 years of manufacturing experience in aluminum brazing furnaces, we can independently design and manufacture perfect production lines in the field of aluminum products

3, Our factory is located in a city with convenient transportation, and our competitive price is our inherent advantage

4, With professional shipping delivery services, you can easily obtain production lines in your factory,

5, Fast delivery, and installation services, our team will quietly complete these tasks

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 Q & A

Q: What material is on the mesh chain of your production line?

A: The material of this mesh chain is ss304

Q: What is the Mafu material for this aluminum brazing furnace?

A: The Mafu material for this aluminum brazing furnace is SS316L, Its thickness dimension is 10mm

Q: Can this aluminum brazing furnace be heated using natural gas?

A: Of course, it can be heated using natural gas, but the price will be somewhat different