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  • counterflow heat exchanger

counterflow heat exchanger

Catalog: Heat exchanger

External dimensions: customized according to customers

raw materials: hydrophilic aluminum foil

Packaging: Wood frame

Delivery time: 25 days

Customized size: Yes

Product Details

Product Introduction

The counterflow heat exchanger is an efficient and environmentally friendly heat exchange equipment widely used for energy recovery in civil, commercial, and industrial ventilation systems. This device uses high-quality hydrophilic aluminum foil, which forms a core through cross-stacking and has many channels to achieve the cross-flow of cold air and hot air, thereby achieving the purpose of heat exchange. Due to its unique design, the counterflow heat exchanger can effectively avoid the transfer of any odor and moisture, ensuring the purity and comfort of the air.

In addition to its application in ventilation systems, crossflow heat exchangers can also be used for energy recovery and air purification in household air conditioners. This type of equipment does not generate secondary pollution, has good heat exchange efficiency, can effectively recover and utilize energy, and saves energy costs for users.

To meet the needs of different usage scenarios, the aluminum foil material for the counterflow heat exchanger can be selected as epoxy resin aluminum foil, which has stronger corrosion resistance and can ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment. The thickness of aluminum foil material can be selected according to needs, generally ranging from 0.1mm to 0.2mm.

counterflow heat exchanger raw material

No.Part NameRaw Material
1Foil plate aluminum
stainless steel
2Door lockstainless steel 304
3Doorstainless steel 304
4Frameworkstainless steel 201
5BaseCarbon steel nickel plated
6Air outletflange plate
7Air inletcustomized plastic
8Air filtermelt blown cloth
heat exchanger convection
natural convection heat exchanger

Process Production

In the process of producing aluminum core, a fully automated hydraulic press machine is the core equipment. It can accurately shape aluminum plates, laying a solid foundation for subsequent stacking and assembly.

After the counterflow heat exchanger aluminum plates are pressed into shape, a professional machine will stack them in a staggered manner to form a complete core. This process is automated, greatly improving production efficiency.
However, simply stacking aluminum plates is not enough to form a complete core, and a series of assembly work is required.

The workers need to manually install the framework of the heat exchanger core to ensure that the aluminum plate is tightly integrated with the framework. To ensure sealing, it is necessary to pour foam adhesive at the intersection of the aluminum plate and the frame.

This series of operations is aimed at ensuring the quality and performance of the core.

After the counterflow heat exchanger core assembly is completed, it will be packed into a customized heat exchanger box according to customer requirements.

The interior of this box is composed of multiple individual components, such as exhaust, filter, staggered heat exchanger, etc.

These parts need to be accurately installed during the production process to ensure the performance and efficiency of the counterflow heat exchanger.

The entire production process requires a high level of professional knowledge and skills to ensure the quality and performance of the final product.

counterflow heat exchangers

Quick Details Of Counterflow Heat Exchanger

  • Aluminum plate size range:
    • 200*200mm
    • 300*300mm
    • 400*400mm
    • 500*500mm
    • 600*600mm
    • 700*700mm
    • 800*800mm
    • 900*900mm
    • 1000*1000mm
    • 1100*1100mm
    • 1200*1200mm
    • 2000*2000mm
  • External dimensions: customized according to customers
  • Plate raw materials: hydrophilic aluminum foil, stainless steel, TP plastic film, etc
  • Packaging: Wood frame
  • Delivery time: The earliest delivery time is 25 days
  • Customized size: Yes
counterflow heat exchanger

counterflow heat exchanger manufacture video