bending equipment for Heat exchanger hairpin tube

machine outline

This type of bending equipment is mainly used to produce hair clip pipes for condensers and heat exchangers. The device for bending pipes is driven by hydraulic pressure, and the automatic pushing out of pipes is driven by servo motors. It is also equipped with a touch screen for human-machine interaction, and the length of production pipes can be accurately set through the touch screen.

bending equipment details

1, Hydraulic workstation

This hydraulic workstation is driven by a 5.5kW motor, which is installed inside the frame of the machine. We also installed a door on it, which can effectively reduce the working noise of the bending machine

2, Servo motor

The power of this servo motor is 2.2kw, and it is equipped with a screw with a diameter of 50mm. Its main function is to complete the bending of the hair clip. This device pushes the pipe out of the bending equipment, which can greatly improve production efficiency

3, Touch screen

The touchscreen adopts a 7-inch design, and the entire control system of the machine is located on this touchscreen. Its brand is a famous brand from Shenzhen, China

4, Working dimensions

The working size of this device can be customized, with pipes of any diameter and a maximum length of 5 meters. The one-time bending of hairclip tubes is 2/4/6/8 pcs. Our standard machine has a maximum length of 2.5 meters and can bend 4 pipes at once

5, Packaging

The packaging of this bending equipment is made of wooden boxes, and all the wood meets international shipping standards. It has undergone high-temperature sterilization treatment

Technical Parameters

1Touch screen7 inches
4Tube diameter5-20mm
5Power supplyFollow the buyer
6Tube materialcopper, aluminum
7DriveHydraulic, servo
tube bender
tube bend machine

application area

This bending device has a wide range of applications, not limited to specific fields. It has important applications in various industrial production.

For example, household air conditioning condensers must use copper hair clip tubes, which require precise bending treatment.

In addition, industrial coolers and other types of heaters often use this bending equipment.

The internal structure of the car heater uses U-shaped hair clip pipes, which are usually made of aluminum. In addition to these applications, the production of evaporators for refrigerated trucks also requires this bending equipment.

In summary, this bending equipment has important applications in many fields and plays a crucial role in the manufacturing and production of various equipment and systems.

bending equipment video