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  • condenser Aluminum tube bending machine

condenser Aluminum tube bending machine

Place of production :china

Drive mode: Servo+ Pneumatic

Overall Dimension: 6000*1300* 1700mm

Weight: 2. 5T

Product Details

tube bending machine outline

the aluminum tube bending machine coil goes through coiling, straightening, bending, necking down, and cutting into the required bending tubes.

By changing different tooling to bend for various flat tubes and data can be directly saved. It consists of a pneumatic system, an electrical system, and a servosystem.

Bending dimension with high precision, efficiently protect flat pipe surface and eventually ensure forming quality stability and reliability for the Aluminum tube bender machine

tube bending machine productive process

1, Install a coil aluminum flat tube on a dedicated rotating rack and secure it

2, Pass the aluminum flat tube through the straightening wheel device, and the machine will turn the coil tube into a straight tube. This tube bending equipment has upper and lower straightening tubes and left and right straightening tubes

3, Set data for bent pipes, such as the length of the bent pipe, how many bends are made, and the diameter of the bent pipe

4, Manually produce a product that requires bending to verify the reliability of the machine

5, Set the tube bending machine to automatic production mode, and this equipment will produce continuously and fully automatically

flat tube bending machine

Technical Data

  • name: pipe bending machine
  • Workpiece Specification: as per the customer’s requirements
  • Workpiece length: as per the customer’s requirements
  • Flat tube specification: Thickness: 1-3mm/Width: 12-32mm
  • Max Bending Quantity: 50 Bends
  • Flat tube coil dimension: Inner diameter Min 400mm / Outer diameter Max 1200mm
  • Pipe Processed per time: 1pc/ time
  • Decoiling/Feeding/Straightening/
Weight:2. 5T
Production capacity20-30/min
Drive mode:Servo+ Pneumatic
Overall Dimension:600*130* 170cm
Lubricating Wayfull Automatic
aluminum condenser
aluminum pipe bending machine

Native application

This device can be applied in industries, automobiles, motorcycles, household air conditioners, and other fields

For example, the following products

  1. Automobile air conditioning condenser
  2. Automobile air conditioning evaporator
  3. Domestic natural gas water heaters
  4. Condensers and evaporators for pharmaceutical machinery
  5. Refrigerator evaporator
  6. micro channel condenser

tube bending machine video

Q & A

Q: How many days is the delivery time of this machine

A: The delivery time for this machine is 45 days. If you customize a special pipe type, it may take 55 days

Q: What is the packaging of this machine?

A: All our machines are exported in wooden cases

Q: How many times does this machine bend the pipe?

A: This machine is controlled by PLC and only needs to be set up. It can bend the pipe at any time.