• intercooler and radiator core assembly machine and Cooling core builder

intercooler and radiator core assembly machine and Cooling core builder

Place of production :china
Artifacts core high:320mm-920mm
Artifacts core width:800mm
Number of tubes:Single row and Double row Optional
Equi pment power supply 220V 50Hz
Compressed air 0.4Mpa↑

Product Details

 Equipment use:

The radiator core assembly machine is used for the assembly of Automobile radiator core and condenser core and Intercooler core and oil cooler core. The whole machine works smoothly, assembly is quick, easy to operate, low energy consumption and noise free, the center distance of flat core pipe is accurate, the heat dissipation belt is compact and even, the core of radiator is formed neatly and beautifully, and the assembly size is accurate, and it is easy to braze.

Distance range of main piece: 380-1200 mm

Fin width: 16, 18, 20, 24, 26, 32mm

Fin wave height: 8mm

Number of flat tubes: 80 pieces (calculated by spacing of 10 mm)

Flat pipe width: any

Flat pipe thickness: 2-3mm

Flat pipe spacing: arbitrary

Width of main piece: any


this machine It can assemble these cores

The Cooling core builder machine can be installed with any product with a spacing of 10 mm, or the expansion chain and the main piece positioning block, and any product with different spacing can be replaced. The parts required for the replacement of the product shall be ordered separately by the user.

Equipment power:

1. Equipment power supply: two phase 220V 50Hz

2. Compressed air: above 0.4MPa

3. Working pressure of air pressure system: above 4MPa

Technical parameters:

Number of pieces assembled each time: 1 piece

Length of flat pipe of water tank: 350-800 mm; over 500-800mm

Number of flat pipes in water tank: within 60, more than 60

Specification of flat pipe of water tank: width: 20-32mm;

Number of layers: 1-2 layers (can be customized according to customer requirements)

Assembly accuracy: the difference of diagonal dimension is not more than 1.5mm

Total power: 5.5kw

Motor assembly time (Reference): 60s

Equipment weight: 1.8T

Equipment overall dimension (Reference): 2200 mm × 1800 mm × 1600 mm


Radiator core assembly machine

Radiator core assembly machine


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