• condenser coil bender machine manufacturer

condenser coil bender machine manufacturer

Bending angle: 0-120 degrees

Maximum width: 1500mm

Bending type: L, U, G

Bending radius: R60-R100

Platform control: servo motor

Language: optional

Machine Overview

This condenser coil bender machine is an efficient automated device specifically designed for bending cores in household air conditioning condensers. This machine uses multiple servo motors as power sources and can achieve precise motion control.

By setting the program, the operator can accurately preset the bending angle and length of the condenser core, ensuring that each bending meets the design requirements.

Whether you bender the core into an L type, U type, or G type, the entire bending process does not require manual intervention, and the machine automatically completes it, greatly improving production efficiency and product consistency.

Condenser coil bender data

1Core thickness3 layers
2Bending angle0-120 degrees
3Core length400-1000mm
4Maximum width1500mm
5Bending drivemotor
6Bending type“L” “U” “G”
7Bending radiusR60-100
8Platform controlservo motor
9Touch screenYes
condenser coil bender
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Condenser coil bender advantage

1, Highly automated:

The entire operation reduces manual intervention and improves production speed.

2, High precision control:

The precise control of the servo motor makes the setting of bending angle and length more accurate.

3, Highly safe production:

As most of the work is done by machines, it reduces the chance for operators to come into contact with hazardous areas.

4, Strong adaptability:

Production parameters can be easily adjusted through programming to adapt to different product designs and specifications.

5, Good repeatability:

The Condenser coil bender machine can continuously produce standardized products, ensuring product consistency.

6, Good scalability:

This machine can expand the linkage operation of the robotic arm, which can further improve production efficiency

Electronic control operating system

The condenser coil bender machine adopts PLC centralized control, supports manual operation and automatic operation, and has fault display and automatic counting functions.

The operation panel integrates a touch screen and control buttons, equipped with an emergency stop button with clear identification for easy operation.

The installation of electrical components follows Chinese standards, with reliable grounding. The control cabinet adopts plastic comb hole wire slot wiring, with clear circuit numbers, clean panels, and clear label fonts. The electrical box is equipped with a fan for cooling.

condenser coil bender machine working video