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  • plate bending machine of Intelligent production

plate bending machine of Intelligent production

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Maximum width: 150-250cm

Material thickness: 3mm aluminum, 2mm carbon steel, 1.5mm stainless steel

Maximum gap: 190mm

Minimum radius: 1.5 mm

Production mode: fully automatic

Product Details

Machine Overview

The innovative generation of intelligent plate bending machine is an advanced equipment that integrates efficiency, precision, and stability.

It has advanced technology and adopts a two-stage linkage pressure mechanism, achieving low energy consumption force output, especially in handling thick plate bending, with outstanding performance.

The design and manufacturing of this plate bending machine are completely by high-precision machine tool standards, ensuring that castings and welded parts have undergone strict high-temperature stress relief processes,

To ensure the accuracy, stability, and high rigidity of the overall machine tool during long-term operation.
In addition, the integrated processing of machine tools has further improved their performance. This integrated processing not only improves processing efficiency but also fundamentally ensures its accuracy and stability.

Overall, plate bending machines have created greater value for customers with their excellent performance and high-precision processing capabilities.

Plate bending machine data

1Maximum width150-250cm
2Material thickness3mm aluminum
2mm carbon steel
1.5mm stainless steel
3Maximum gap190mm
4Minimum radius1.5 mm
5Production modefully automatic
6Drive methodservo motor
plate bending machine
plate bending machines

Plate bending machine advantage

1, Precision Control

Servo motor drive technology enables precise control of every dimension, ensuring machining accuracy and consistency.

2, Fully automatic production

From plate identification, thickness detection to bending sequence selection, the fully automatic production process effectively ensures the consistency and stability of each part.

3, Usability

No need for professional training, novice workers can easily operate, greatly reducing labor costs and training time.

4, Flexibility

The freely programmable control system allows engineers to flexibly set production processes according to different part shapes and sizes, meeting personalized needs.

5, Friendly working environment

Silent production technology ensures that equipment does not produce noise during operation, providing a more peaceful and friendly environment for the entire workplace.

plate bending machine working video