mini furnace machine for brazing aluminum heat exchangers

The Mini Furnace Machine is a small machine specifically designed for aluminum brazing. Specializing in the production of aluminum intercoolers,

aluminum condensers, plate and bar heat exchangers, and other products,

Compared to continuous aluminum brazing furnaces, the Mini Furnace Machine has many advantages.

1, It is very cost-effective. For small factories, small furnaces are cheap and can meet all production needs,

2, The small size of the small furnace does not require a lot of space, which is also a very good thing for small factories

3, This brazing furnace equipment does not require a lot of electricity, which means that the factory does not need to purchase large transformers

Mini Furnace Machine Technical Data

Rapid cooling: water cooling
Chamber sizecustomized
Heating zone6 zones
Chamber materialSS316
Temperature uniformity1%
mini aluminum furnace
electric aluminium melting

Machine characteristics

1, It has 6 temperature control zones. This means that precise temperature control can be achieved for different parts, which is crucial for aluminum heat exchanger products that require high-quality welding effects.

2, During the aluminum brazing process, aluminum products are prone to oxidation due to the influence of oxygen, which can lead to defects such as blackening of the surface or welding failure.

However, the Mini Furnace Machine has used a nitrogen atmosphere to protect the brazing environment and effectively avoid oxidation issues of aluminum products

3, The Mini Furnace equipment has been equipped with a fast-temperature cooling device. This can enable the welded product to cool quickly, thereby improving production efficiency. The rapid temperature cooling device can also reduce the thermal deformation problem of the product,

and improve the overall aesthetics and dimensional accuracy of the product.

4, The Mini Furnace Machine can preset and run programs through the touch screen,

and the entire brazing process can be automatically controlled by the PLC. No human intervention is required to ensure the stability of welding quality.

5, Mini Furnace Machine can customize space dimensions based on customer product characteristics. Flexibly adjust the size and layout of the machine to meet the welding needs of different aluminum products.