NOCOLOK Flux brazing furnace

NOCOLOK Flux brazing process

Alcan Corporation of Canada invented a NOCOLOK Flux brazing furnace in 78, with its registered trademark being NOCOLOK.

Flux was developed by Solvay in 78-79. This is a special flux that needs to be stirred with water in a scientific proportion and sprayed on the surface of aluminum products to help the welding layer on the aluminum surface melt better

The main component of the flux is a mixture of KF and aif3, known as potassium fluoaluminate (kaif4).

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NOCOLOK Flux brazing furnace outline

NOCOLOK is a trademark name because it has a long history. Nowadays, people tend to refer to NOCOLOK as a technology for brazing aluminum alloys using welding materials.

With the continuous development of technology, current brazing equipment using NOCOLOK technology is usually composed of heating chambers, conveyor belts, gas circulation systems, flux spraying devices, forced cooling equipment, smoke extraction systems, control systems, and other components.

NOCOLOK brazing furnace adopts an electric heating method for brazing, which is characterized by stable furnace temperature, high brazing strength, good brazing quality, and simple operation.

NOCOLOK flux brazing furnaces are widely used for brazing aluminum alloy parts in automotive, aerospace, electronics, military, and other industries.

Production typecontinuous
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controlled brazing

NOCOLOK Brazing Advantages

NOCOLOK brazing process is a commonly used brazing technology for processing aluminum alloy components, which has the following advantages:

1. High-strength connection: The NOCOLOK process can produce high-strength aluminum alloy components, and is more reliable and durable than traditional welding methods.

2. Clear texture: NOCOLOK Flux brazing can produce high-quality welding without obvious welding traces and oxide residues, making it more friendly to the overall appearance and surface quality.

3. Environmentally friendly: NOCOLOK soldering does not require the use of harmful welding fluxes (such as hydrogen fluoride), making it more environmentally friendly and healthy than traditional welding techniques.

4. Wide applicability: NOCOLOK brazing is applicable to various types of aluminum alloy materials, can handle aluminum alloy parts of various shapes and sizes, and is suitable for automated production lines.

5. Cost savings: The NOCOLOK brazing process can achieve higher welding output in a shorter time, thereby saving production costs.