Radiator making machine what are there


What radiator making machine are needed by factories producing aluminum radiators? Some people plan to start a factory producing aluminum radiators, but they don’t know which machines are needed and how to start this work. These issues have troubled many people,

We have 19 years of experience in producing aluminum radiators. Today, I would like to clarify which machines are essential for an aluminum radiator factory, This is the smallest unit of aluminum radiator factory, We hope to help some new ones

1, brazing furnace

The most critical part of the entire aluminum radiator production process is the machine. When the aluminum core is assembled and needs to be brazed, all parts of the aluminum core are welded together, Please check this video to understand the production process of the brazing furnace

For more details about brazing furnaces, please click here

2, Fin machine

The name of this radiator making machine is the fin machine, It is a very important machine in the production process of aluminum radiators. Its function is to produce aluminum fins. This machine is produced by a roller method, so its work efficiency is very high. Some large aluminum radiator factories usually have multiple fin machines

Please check this video to understand the production process of the Fin machine

3, Core assembly machine

This type of core assembly machine cannot be lacking, It is the key equipment of the aluminum radiator manufacturing machine

With the development of industry, there are currently many automatic production machines that are very expensive. Generally, factories that produce aftermarket radiators do not use expensive machines. Today,

I recommend the core manufacturing machine as the most practical equipment, which has many characteristics such as low price, fast production speed, and low power consumption

Please check this video to understand the production process of the Core assembly machine

4, Plastic tank crimping machine

The application of this machine is to assemble plastic tanks, aluminum cores, and sealing gaskets together, It is the key equipment of the radiator making machine

Some small-scale aluminum radiator factories use semi-automatic machines, which are cost-effective

Some large factories use automatic machines, which can achieve automatic avoidance function by preset machine work steps

At present, there are many different types of crimping machines to choose from in the market. Please check the following video as it is the most practical device

5, Leak testing machine

This machine is mainly used to test the leakage of aluminum radiators, and it is also a key machine of radiator making machine

It has two workstations, which means it can test two heat sinks simultaneously, greatly improving work efficiency

There are also many types of machines to choose from, as mentioned earlier, I only recommend the most practical equipment

Please check the following video to understand its working principle

6, Other radiator making machine

Liquid nitrogen storage tank

This equipment is designed for aluminum brazing furnaces, as nitrogen gas is required throughout the entire aluminum brazing process

air compressor

The new aluminum radiator factory requires almost all equipment to provide compressed air support, otherwise these machines will not work properly

radiator making machine working video

This factory is located near Shanghai, China. The straight-line distance from Shanghai to the factory is about 300km. The factory can produce 30000 aluminum radiators for passenger cars every month. This scale of factory is relatively small in China

Next, please enjoy a complete video of an aluminum radiator factory

How to choose radiator making machine

1, Production demand: Clearly define your production scale, expected output, and types of products to be produced. This will help determine the type, size, and production capacity of the required machines.

2, Machine accuracy: The dimensional accuracy of radiator components directly affects product quality. Choosing a machine with high accuracy and good stability is crucial.

3, Automation level: Consider introducing machines with higher levels of automation to improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and enhance product quality consistency.

4, Compatibility: Ensure that the selected machine is compatible with other devices to build a smooth production line.

radiator making machine
radiator making machine

5, Maintenance and support: Choose a radiator making machine that is easy to maintain and has good technical support from the manufacturer to reduce long-term operating costs.

6, Training and service: Confirm whether the supplier provides operational training and technical support, which is crucial for the smooth deployment of new equipment.

7, Budget and cost-benefit analysis: Compare the prices and performance of different machines, conduct a cost-benefit analysis, and select equipment with high cost-effectiveness.

8, Energy efficiency: Consider the energy consumption of radiator making machine and choose machines with high energy efficiency to reduce operating costs.

9, Safety performance: Ensure that the selected machine complies with local safety standards and regulations, ensuring the safety of operators.