• radiator crimping machine for Plastic tank

radiator crimping machine for Plastic tank

Radiator height: 1000mm

Radiator width: 850 mm

Radiator width: 120mm

Total power: 2.5kW

Voltage level: ac-220 V; 50 Hz

Product Details

radiator crimping machine outline

This radiator crimping machine is mechanical equipment used in automotive radiator factories. Its main function is to press the radiator core and plastic tank together to form a complete radiator.

The machine is usually driven primarily by servo motors and assisted by cylinders. By programming a control program, the machine can automatically avoid obstacles during the operation

radiator crimping machine strong point

1, Automatic avoidance: The radiator press installation machine adopts servo drive technology, which can achieve automatic avoidance, avoid production defects caused by machine vision errors and other factors, and improve product quality and production efficiency.

2, No additional cost required: The radiator crimping machine can produce multiple radiator models at once, eliminating the need for additional mold costs and reducing production costs.

3, Product consistency: The machine adopts high-precision technology and automation control technology, which can ensure high consistency of product quality and improve product quality and reliability.

4, Silent production: The radiator press installation machine uses compressed air as the main power, which can achieve silent production, reduce noise pollution, and improve the quality of the working environment.

5, Very cost-effective: The price of the machine is relatively low, and its performance and quality are also very high, with high cost-effectiveness.

6, Servo motor drive: The entire machine of radiator crimping machine is driven by two servo motors, which can achieve efficient and accurate operation, improve production efficiency, save electricity, and reduce costs.


In short, this machine can improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, improve product quality, and reduce dependence on labor, making it a very useful tool for producing aluminum radiators.

Technical parameters

Radiator core height1000mm
Radiator core width850 mm
Radiator core thickness120mm
Step lengthadjustable
Total power2.5kw
Voltage levelAC220V/50 Hz
Equipment dimension190*180*220cm
tank crimping machine
radiator tank machine

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