• aluminum brazing oven | Continuous tunnel furnace

aluminum brazing oven | Continuous tunnel furnace

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Place of production: china

Customer customization: yes

Tunnel size:8000*1000*250mm

Appearance: NEW

The natural gas aluminum brazing oven is a continuous production line using NOCOLOK technology. It is used to produce various aluminum radiators, coolers, intercoolers, tubular condensers, evaporators, parallel flow condensers, laminated evaporators, and heat exchangers.

The furnace uses a nitrogen-protected brazing environment to protect the welding area from oxidation and pollution. Using NOCOLOK technology, product quality is very stable, welding consistency is guaranteed, and production efficiency is improved.

technology explain

AppearanceColors customized
Power Supply380V / 50Hz
Transmission chainSS304
Nitrogen usage40-60 m3 / h
Control systemPLC
Touch screen
Warranty period1 year
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aluminum brazing oven characteristic

This equipment is mainly used for brazing aluminum parts in an atmosphere-protected environment. It mainly consists of a flux spraying machine, an electric drying furnace, a brazing heating furnace, water, and air cooling devices, an atmosphere control system, and an automatic control system.

This production line is suitable for large-scale production of aluminum radiators, such as parallel flow condensers, stacked evaporators, and automotive water tanks.

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aluminum brazing oven components

1, The flux spraying machine is used to spray flux on the surface of aluminum parts to help melt the brazing layer on the surface of aluminum parts at high temperatures.

2, Electric drying furnace is used to dry parts to ensure that there is no moisture content on the surface of the parts, thereby improving the brazing quality.

3, The brazing furnace heats the aluminum parts to the brazing temperature and melts the brazing material.

4, Water and air cooling devices are used to cool parts to ensure rapid cooling of welded aluminum parts and prevent them from staying in high-temperature environments for a long time.

5, The atmosphere control system controls the atmosphere in the welding area to ensure welding quality.

6, The automatic control system can control the entire brazing process, including parameters such as temperature, time, flow rate, etc.


As this equipment is mainly used for brazing aluminum parts in protective environments, it can effectively prevent defects such as surface oxidation and discoloration of aluminum products.

This production line can produce high-quality aluminum radiators on a large scale, suitable for various fields such as automobiles and aerospace.

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Q & A

Q: How many containers does this machine need?

A: Its size is not very large. Usually, 3 containers are enough

Q: Do you have any discount on the price of your brazing furnace?

A: When you confirm its size, we will offer some discounts

Q: Do you provide brazing technology training?

A: Of course, we are a brazing furnace manufacturer Provide all technical support

Q: Do you provide used brazing oven

A: There are many bankrupt factories in China. We can help you find very good machines, but it takes some time