• Nitrogen making machine | Automatic nitrogen production line

Nitrogen making machine | Automatic nitrogen production line

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Nitrogen making machine

Customer customization: yes

Extraction gas type: nitrogen

Air input pressure: < 0.8MPa Nitrogen output pressure: < 0.6MPa

Product Details

Nitrogen making machine Equipment features

the Nitrogen making machine, Mechatronics design to achieve automatic operation, imported PLC control imported pneumatic valve automatic operation, can achieve unattended.

Convenient and fast production of nitrogen: advanced technology and unique air distributor make the air distribution more uniform, make efficient use of carbon molecular sieve, and provide qualified nitrogen in about 20 minutes. Nitrogen purity continuous display, nitrogen flow, pressure adjustable.

Easy to use: the equipment is compact in structure, skid mounted as a whole, small in land occupation, has no capital construction investment, and less in investment. Nitrogen can be produced only by connecting the power supply on-site.

It is more economical than other ways of nitrogen supply: nitrogen generator is a simple method of nitrogen production, which uses air as raw material, and its energy consumption is only the electric energy consumed by the air compressor. It has the advantages of low operation cost, low energy consumption, and high efficiency of Nitrogen making machine

nitrogen making machine

technical parameter

  • name: Nitrogen-making machine
  • Nitrogen production: 300Nm3/h
  • Compressed air consumption: 45m3/min
  • Air inlet pressure: 0.65MPa
  • Nitrogen purity: 99.999%
  • Outlet pressure of common nitrogen: 04-0.6Mpa
  • The dew point of common nitrogen: -40 ℃
  • Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
  • Power: 0.03 kW
  • External dimensions: 2200)1850*3350mm
  • Working principle: PSA PSA physical nitrogen production line

Nitrogen making machine application

Chemical industryFood factory
industrial productionGlass production
Pharmaceutical FactoryElectronic factory
Coal mine productionHard alloy
petroleum refiningPowder metallurgy
Heat treatment plantBrazing industry
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Nitrogen production system

1, air compressor

It is a screw compressor that provides the air source required for the pressure swing adsorption device. This device uses a servo motor as the main drive, It’s for nitrogen making machine providing stable pressure and sufficient compressed air. Usually, the air produced by the air compressor exceeds the consumption, and excess air is stored

2, Air purification system

The compressed air produced by the air compressor first enters the C-level filter for preliminary filtration and then enters the refrigerated dryer to forcibly cool the compressed air, allowing the liquid water formed by forced cooling of the water vapor in the air to be discharged.

3, Nitrogen production system

There are two adsorption towers filled with molecular sieves in the nitrogen making machine. Clean and dry compressed air enters the pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production device and flows through the adsorption tower containing molecular sieves.

Compressed air flows through the adsorption tower from bottom to top, using molecular sieves to adsorb nitrogen and oxygen at different pressures. Components such as oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide are adsorbed on the surface of the carbon molecular sieve, and the unadsorbed nitrogen is collected at the outlet. The two adsorption towers alternate for adsorption and regeneration, thus producing nitrogen with stable purity.

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