• Furnace Temperature Logger Equipment From China

Furnace Temperature Logger Equipment From China

Channel: 4-10 optional
Usage time: 30-600 minutes
Maximum temperature: 1300 ℃
Software: win7, win10, win11
Software languages: Chinese and English
Data transmission: USB, WIFI

Product Details

Equipment Overview

The Furnace Temperature Logger is a modern temperature monitoring device that can collect and record real-time temperature data inside the furnace.

This type of instrument is usually equipped with sensors that can accurately measure and track temperature changes, ensuring that temperature control during the production process is within the optimal range.

Through the wireless network (WIFI) transmission function, the furnace temperature recording instrument can send real-time data to computers or other intelligent devices, allowing operators to remotely monitor temperature conditions and adjust production parameters promptly.

Furnace Temperature Logger advantage

This type of device has significant advantages over traditional temperature-measuring instruments:

1, The wireless transmission function reduces the need for wiring and improves the convenience of installation and maintenance.

2, Real-time data monitoring allows operators to quickly respond to temperature anomalies, reducing production defects caused by temperature deviations.

3, The data recording function facilitates the traceability of historical temperature data, which is helpful for production quality analysis and continuous improvement.

4, Online viewing of temperature changes improves work efficiency, and operators can view real-time data from any location through connected devices.

Furnace Temperature Logger Equipment data

Channel: 4-10 optional
Software: win7, win10, win11
Usage time: 30-600 minutes
Max temperature: 1300 ℃
Software languages: Chinese and English
Insulation box: customized
box material: stainless steel
Usage type: Reuse
Data transmission: USB, WIFI
Furnace Temperature Logger

Collection and application

Furnace Temperature Logger are widely used in various industrial fields that require precise temperature control,

Materials such as metallurgy, glass manufacturing, ceramic firing, and food processing are important tools to ensure product quality and improve production efficiency.

The furnace temperature recording instrument plays a crucial role in various application fields, as it can continuously monitor and record temperature changes inside the furnace.

Through built-in sensors, the instrument can capture temperature fluctuations throughout the entire heating, insulation, or cooling process, and convert this data into digital signals for processing and storage.

By analyzing these curve reports, operators can promptly identify potential temperature issues such as overheating, undercooling, or excessive temperature fluctuations, and take corresponding measures to adjust and optimize.

In addition, the Furnace Temperature Logger also supports data export and sharing functions, facilitating data exchange and collaboration with other systems or personnel.

This makes temperature management more convenient and efficient, providing strong support for improving the production quality and efficiency of enterprises.

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