• Radiator testing machine of High-precision

Radiator testing machine of High-precision

Place of production :china

Pilot pressure source: 400 ~ 600kpa

Parameter channel number: 32 groups

Time setting: 0 ~ 999 seconds

Hardware: 32bitcpu

Power supply: AC220V/50 Hz

Radiator test machine outline

This radiator testing machine is used to check the air tightness of various types of automotive radiator products Compared to the previous generation of machines, this instrument has enhanced the expansion of output ports, quality management, and communication functions, as well as added functions such as multi-channel parameter setting and selection, large capacity recording and storage, and USB data transmission.

At the same time, it has improved the differential pressure resolution and further provided the accuracy of testing pressure. The display screen adopts a curve display of pressure changes, making visualization operation more convenient. It can achieve automatic testing of all test objects under different conditions and is a major upgrade.

radiator testing machine

Radiator testing machine details

Leak valuePa
Test pressure range0-400KPa
Test pressure minimum display value1 Pa
Sensor range0-2000Pa
test Time1-999S
Power supplyAC220V/50HZ
Air source400-600kPa
Parameter channel32 group
test speed 2/min
Working temperature5~40℃
Machine overall size200*95*185cm
radiator Plug
radiator testing machine tool

Radiator testing machine features

1, Large screen display screen, displaying the pressure changes of the entire testing project in the form of curves, with a clear and easy-to-understand interface

2, One workbench is equipped with two testing workstations, which means double production efficiency

3, The testing technical parameters can be freely switched between PA and ML/min to meet the technical requirements of different customers

4, Can be connected to a printer to print a label for each product tested for future quality traceability

5, The radiator testing machine has multiple testing modes to choose from, such as manual testing mode, automatic testing mode, and remote control mode

6, This device can store 100000 test data for recording product quality, and can easily query test results based on production date and test job number

This testing machine can work for these products

aluminum radiator

Radiator testing machine video

Q & A

Q: How many inches is the touch screen of this testing machine?

A: This testing machine has two 7-inch touch screens for two workstations.

Q: Can this machine test the car condenser?

A: The maximum test pressure for this machine is 600kpa. We have another machine that can test car condensers. Please contact our engineer for more details.

Q: What brand of printer can this radiator testing machine connect to?

A: This is a specialized label printer, and all printers of the Godex brand can be used normally.