• condenser header opening machine

condenser header opening machine

machine name :hydraulic press

Technical parameters

Power: Hydraulic

Working pressure of hydraulic system: 8-21mpa

Main uses

The condenser header opening machine equipment is a special equipment for adding the fixed length round aluminum tube through pressing and punching to the core collecting pipe of parallel flow condenser. It is one of the essential equipment in parallel flow radiator production line.

Two types of collecting pipes can be formed automatically: parallel flow condenser special-shaped collecting pipes


hydraulic press


main features

condenser header opening machine Manually inserting the condenser aluminum tube into the mandrel, after the two hands operate the starting button, the equipment is automatically positioned,

and through the core, clamping, clamping to oil, pressing (spray lubrication), striking, core pulling, lifting and automatic rewinding, the process of punching the collecting tube of the parallel flow condenser is completed.

The device’s active force is hydraulic transmission and pneumatic assisted by spray lubrication, with four guide column structure, simple operation and maintenance, one machine with multiple functions, mold loading and unloading chute, quick replacement of different specifications collecting manifold mold, stable operation, adjustable speed block, and maximum working pressure 100T.

The hydraulic control system of the equipment is designed by cartridge valve with large flow rate, which has the advantages of fast speed 

stable operation and convenient control. The electrical control system is a combination of PLC programmable controller and digital quantity, with excellent control effect and stable and reliable performance.

It also has a light curtain protection system to provide more safe and reasonable protection measures for operators.

condenser header opening machine It can make these parts

Condenser header

technical parameter


Operation mode: manual feeding, automatic forming and blanking

Number of workpieces processed each time: 1 piece

Outer diameter of processing pipe × wall thickness: ¢ (12 ~ 50) × (1.0 ~ 1.5)

Effective length of processing pipe: 200-650mm

Width and tolerance of machining long slot hole: 1.0 ~ 3 ± 0.03 mm

Length and tolerance of machining long slot hole: 16 ~ 36 ± 0.03 mm

Molding time: 20 seconds / piece

The total power of the equipment is 7.5kW

Working pressure of hydraulic system: 8-21mpa

Working pressure of pneumatic system: 0.5-0.8mpa

Equipment dimension: 2500mm × 2100mm × 2750mm

Total weight of equipment: 4T


hydraulic press


condenser header opening machine video