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aluminum expanded radiator production line

aluminum expanded radiator production line synopsis

The aluminum expanded radiator production line is composed of multiple machines, One machine is complete and important work, and A machine needs a worker, These machines are customized by our company. Usually, these machines are not available in the market

aluminum expanded radiator production line characteristic

The fastest production speed of a fin stamping machine is 300 times per minute, which adopts a forced lubrication system to prevent wear; The installation height of the mold can be adjusted electrically, and the size is very accurate, The combined pneumatic friction clutch brake is adopted to ensure smooth engagement and sensitive action, And it also has an overload protection system, The machine has uncoiler, oil tank, J type table storage aluminum device

crimping machine for radiator plastic tank, which is driven by servo motor and cylinder
Touch screen human-computer interaction system. According to the different shapes of plastic tanks, simple programming machines will automatically avoid obstacles

The horizontal expansion machine is hydraulically driven. It is equipped with a PLC control system. The aluminum tube oil is automatically injected. Only the aluminum core needs to be put into the machine manually. Other steps are automatically completed by the machine
We can also design servo-driven machines for customers. The price of servo-driven machines will be a little expensive

expanded radiator
aluminum expanded radiator

production line display

Why choose our aluminum expanded radiator production line

Quick Start

Free training for your engineers and workers, so that they can quickly enter the work and create value for the factory


We have 19 years of work experience in this field, and you will have no worries about working with us

One stop shopping

We not only provide necessary production lines but also provide all raw materials needed for production

cost performance

We cooperate with excellent factories in China, they can provide high-quality products, but also have very good prices

Q & A

Q: What is the package of this production line for all the machines?

A: the fin machine is packed in wooden cases, We’ll employ horizontal packaging machines to make it simple to place containers.

Q: Does the factory need an air compressor

A: Yes, it is better to buy a screw-type air compressor, about 15-22kw

Q: What is the delivery time of the aluminum expanded radiator production line for all the machines?

A: Our delivery period for this customized complete machine is 75 days.

Q: Do you also supply raw materials for expansion radiator

A: Yes, we can supply all the raw materials

Q: How many workers does the factory need to produce 600-800 radiators every day

A: If it is a factory in China, it needs about 8-10 people

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