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  • air to air heat exchanger

air to air heat exchanger

Catalog: Heat exchanger

Service life: 5-8 years
Airflow mode:: 240 ℃
Airflow mode:: cross flow
Fin spacing: 2.5-12mm
Packaging: Wood frame

Product Details

Product Introduction

The air to air heat exchanger is an efficient and environmentally friendly energy recovery device, usually made by pressing 0.15mm aluminum foil into shape, The staggered stacking layer by layer forms two independent airflow channels, Cold air and hot air flow in their respective channels and undergo efficient heat exchange,

This energy recovery can reduce the heating and cooling load of the air conditioning system. It not only improves the heat exchange efficiency of the ventilation system, reduces energy waste, but also provides a stable working environment for the operation of the air conditioning system

Production process

1, Scientific heat transfer plate design increases heat transfer area, reduces resistance and meets different requirements for heat transfer efficiency and resistance in various applications.

2, The air to air heat exchanger channel is supported by a stamped convex body, ensuring high strength and tightness of the channel. By increasing the thickness of the heat exchange plate, different pressure pressures are achieved to meet the requirements of different applications.

3, The channels for fresh air and exhaust intersect, separated by aluminum foil. The inlet and outlet edges adopt a five-layer curled edge and corrugated bite technology, which has higher edge strength and more reliable sealing;

4, All connections are sealed with sealant to ensure the airtightness of the air heat exchangers.

5, Modular structure, capable of providing combinations of cross-section and stacking height of any size to meet various air volume requirements.

air to air heat exchanger Technical Parameter

plate materialclearwater alu foil
stainless steel 304
ordinary alu foil
high-strength plastic
plate size200*200mm
Service life5-8 years
Airflow mode:240 ℃
Air flow mode:cross flow
Heat exchange efficiencycustomized
Fin spacing2.5-12mm
Packaging Wood frame
air to air heat exchanger core
air to air heat exchanger

Our services

  • Design the only air to air heat exchanger service for you
  • Design heat exchangers of all sizes
  • Customize all types of air-to-air heat exchangers
  • Marine transportation services
  • Customize packaging according to your brand
  • Far superior after-sales service to competitors
  • Consultation services for other heat exchangers

air to air heat exchanger factory

Q & A

Q: Do you provide the core or assembly of the heat exchanger?

A: We can provide both.

Q: What is the thickness of the aluminum foil for this heat exchanger?

A: The height and size of the channels in the heat exchanger are different, and the thickness of the aluminum foil varies. The thickness of 2.5-7mm aluminum foil is 0.15mm, and the thickness of 8-12mm aluminum foil is 0.22mm.

Q: What is the frame material of this heat exchanger?

A: Its frame material is stainless steel, and some customers choose aluminum alloy.