• automatic Panel Bender | Sheet metal bender machine

automatic Panel Bender | Sheet metal bender machine

Machine Weight: 8500kg
Full Power: 45kw
Angle: 180°
Bending Speed: 0.5/s
Min Forming Size: 200*300mm

The Automatic Panel Bender is a machine that can automatically bend metal plates, and the entire bending process does not require manual intervention. It can significantly improve production efficiency and quality

The working principle of an automatic bender machine is to use a CNC system to control the movement of the bending knife and accurately bend the metal plate according to a preset program.

An automatic Panel Bender usually consists of two bending knives, the upper knife is a movable knife, and the lower knife is a fixed knife. Place the metal plate on the lower blade, press the upper blade according to the set angle and speed,

and bend the metal plate into the desired shape. The automatic bender machine can achieve various bending methods, such as V-shaped bending, U-shaped bending, Z-shaped bending, etc.

CNC Flexible Panel Bender

automatic Panel Bender advantages

  • Improve production efficiency.

The automatic bender machine can achieve fast, continuous, and accurate bending, greatly reducing manual operation and adjustment time, improving production efficiency, and saving costs.

  • Improve quality stability.

The automatic Panel Bender can ensure that the bending angle and size of each product are consistent, avoid human errors and quality fluctuations, and improve the stability and consistency of product quality.

  • Improve security.

The automatic bending machine can avoid direct contact with metal plates and cutting tools, reduce the risk of work-related injuries and ensure personnel safety.

  • Improve flexibility.

The automatic Panel Bender can replace or adjust the bending program at any time according to different product requirements, achieving diversified production.

Machine Configuration

Part NameManufacturer
Electrical componentsSchneider
Guide railHIW
Micro relaySchneider
Servo motorInovance
Servo driverInovance
Control systemSYNTEC
Ball screwTBI
automatic Panel Bender

application area

-The electronics industry.

An automatic Panel Bender can manufacture various electronic components and equipment such as shells, brackets, guide rails, and other features.

-Machinery industry.

An automatic bender machine can manufacture frames, structures, connectors, and other components of various mechanical equipment and parts.

-Construction industry.

automatic Bender can manufacture various building materials and components such as profiles, pipes, fasteners, and other components.

-Furniture industry.

automatic bender machine can be used to manufacture various furniture components such as frames, supports, and decorations.

-The automotive industry.

Bender machines can be used to manufacture various components such as car bodies, chassis, doors and windows.

automatic Panel Bender video

Q & A

Q: What is the fastest bending speed of this machine?

A: The fastest bending speed of this machine is 0.5 seconds.

Q: What is the maximum bending thickness of this machine?

A: We customize this machine according to your requirements, usually with a stainless steel plate thickness of 1.5mm.

Q: How many engineers are needed for technical training?

A: Only one engineer is required for machine installation and technical training.