• aluminum vacuum brazing furnace for plate and bar heat exchanger

aluminum vacuum brazing furnace for plate and bar heat exchanger

Max Weight: 800KG
Chamber size: 90*80*80CM and Customized
Heating element: Nickel-Chromium
Loading: Horizontal
maximum temperature: 750℃


The Aluminum vacuum brazing furnace is used for brazing aluminum alloy materials. It is a device that welds complex parts of multiple aluminum materials in a high-temperature vacuum environment. The entire brazing process does not require any flux

Usually, this equipment uses high-temperature vacuum chambers, vacuum valves, vacuum pumps, Roots pumps, transformers, control systems, and other components to form a complete aluminum brazing furnace

The working principle of a vacuum brazing oven is to place the assembled aluminum heat exchanger core into a high-temperature vacuum chamber, and then heat the aluminum material in a vacuum environment to reach a high-temperature state. At this point, the air inside the chamber will be extracted, forming a vacuum state.

When the temperature reaches 600+℃, a layer of solder on the surface of the aluminum material melts and mixes. Finally, close the high-temperature vacuum chamber and use a pressure reducer to reduce the indoor pressure to normal pressure. At the same time, the temperature will also decrease, causing the welding material to solidify under normal pressure and form a welded joint.

vacuum pump system

90000 L/s
KT -1400 diffusion pump 1 set
ZJ -1200 Roots pump 1 set
H-150 mechanical pump 1 set
1200 L/s
Mechanical pump
150 L/s
China brand
vacuum brazing furnace price
aluminum heat exchanger

aluminum vacuum brazing furnace Advantages

Good welding quality

braze the aluminum heat exchanger in a vacuum environment, and the aluminum material will not produce an oxide film during the welding process. The welding points at the welding site are full and firm

Fully automatic control

Workers only need to put the aluminum heat exchanger into the chamber of the aluminum vacuum furnace, close the furnace door, and the equipment will automatically run according to the set brazing program, without the need for workers to supervise the entire process

Reduce environmental pollution

The entire brazing process produces less smoke and dust, and the gas extracted by the vacuum pump passes through an air filter and is discharged into the atmosphere without any pollution

Dedicated forklift

This vacuum aluminum brazing furnace is already equipped with a dedicated forklift, which allows workers to quickly load and remove the aluminum heat exchanger into the furnace

Widely applicable

suitable for welding various aluminum and its alloy materials, suitable for industries such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing, electronic components, etc.

Good insulation

There is a cooling water circulation device in the middle of the entire vacuum aluminum brazing furnace body. During high-temperature brazing, the surface temperature of the furnace body will not exceed room temperature, providing a good experience for the entire working environment

Technical Parameter

Max Weight800KG
Loading/ Unloading90*80*80CM
Heating elementNickel-Chromium
Loading / UnloadingHorizontal loading
Operating Temp575-650℃
Heating Speed300℃ / h
Touch screen15 inch
vacuum furnace

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Q & A

Q: Does the control system of this vacuum furnace have a touch screen?

A: Yes, we have configured a 15-inch touchscreen for this machine.

Q: What is the effective working size of this vacuum furnace?

A: I accept any size of vacuum furnace working size, Each machine is customized according to customer requirements.

Q: What brazing technical support do you provide?

A: Purchase a vacuum furnace from us and we provide all brazing technical support.