what is fin die

fin die classification

Air conditioner fin die This mold is suitable for cooling fins of household air conditioners, central air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc

High-flanging fin die This mold is suitable for refrigeration, freezing, or some special industries.
The flanging height of the die depends on many factors, such as aluminum foil, volatile oil, fin hole spacing, and row spacing.

Refrigerator condenser fin die This mold is suitable for air-cooled refrigerators. The mold has many functions, and one pair of molds can often punch multiple similar products at the same time.

Special purpose fin mold This kind of mold is widely used in industry, agriculture, shipbuilding, internal combustion engines, automobiles, and other industries.
The mold is designed according to the special requirements of different industries, such as elliptical fins, beveled fins, punched copper fins, steel fins, etc.

conditioner fin die

Maintenance of aluminum Fin die

conditioner Fin die maintenance is more important than die maintenance. The more times the die is repaired, the shorter its service life; The better the mold is maintained, the longer its service life will be.

Mold maintenance mainly includes the following

Daily maintenance of the mold:

various moving parts such as thimble, travel position, guide post, and guide sleeve shall be oiled. the mold surface shall be cleaned. and the channel for water transportation shall be dredged, which shall be maintained daily during mold production.

Regular maintenance:

regular maintenance includes the cleaning of the exhaust slot in addition to daily maintenance. the addition of exhaust at the trapped gas burning black position. and the correction of the damaged and worn parts.

Appearance maintenance of condenser fin die

paint the outside of the mold to avoid rust. When lowering the mold, the moving mold of the fixed mold should be coated with anti-rust oil. The mold should be tightly closed when it is stored to prevent dust from entering the mold cavity.

conditioner fin die material

  • The big mold plate is EN C45
  • The small mold plate is Cr12MoV
  • The punching needle is SKH51
  • Louver parts is SKH51
  • Spring is 50CrVA
conditioner fin die

conditioner fin die factory video