What is progressive stamping dies

progressive stamping dies outline

The Progressive stamping dies is a die produced by multiple stations at the same time.

It has the characteristics of rapid production and stable size, Now many factories like to use this kind of efficient production mold because it can reduce lot manufacturing costs

progressive stamping dies merit

Improve productivity

The connecting die combines multiple stamping dies to complete a complete part at one time,
If there are some complex small parts, it is almost impossible to produce them without progressive die, or the production speed is very low

Reduce costs.

Because the continuous mold realizes fully automatic production without any worker to take care of the machine and mold, the manufacturing cost is greatly reduced

Safe production

When the machine is in normal production, the feeder will automatically feed the material,

and no workers need to manually put the parts into the press, so there will be no production accidents,
Some molds are also equipped with infrared detectors. If someone approaches, the machine will automatically stop working

Reliable quality

This mold is usually manufactured by high-precision machine tools, so the size and product consistency of the parts it produces are very guaranteed

progressive stamping die

progressive stamping dies shortcomings

The price is too expensive

Because it combines all independently completed stamping together, it needs high-precision manufacturing technology to complete, resulting in its very expensive price

Difficult to maintain

Although this mold is made of good materials, because it is a dynamic production tool, and the key parts of the mold will inevitably wear out after a long time of rapid production,

and parts such as punching needles will be replaced, It takes more time than ordinary stamping dies

progressive die stamping
progressive die stamping factory

Which factories or parts are more suitable to use multi-station progressive stamping dies production

The processed parts need mass production. The best thing is that the parts need to be continuously produced for 1 month or more without changing the mold. We recommend that the OEM factory give priority to using the continuous mold

The tolerance of the feeding accuracy of the feeder and the accumulated error between each stamping workstation will not reduce the part accuracy of the product

For parts with complex shapes and difficult to locate after punching, it is ideal to use a multi-station continuous die to produce them.

progressive die punching
progressive stamping dies 3D drawing

progressive die-stamping video

Q & A

Q: Do you provide continuous dies?

A: Yes, we provide and customize a variety of continuous production molds, But our most professional field is the parts of automobile cooling systems, such as radiators, condensers, intercoolers, evaporators, etc.

Q: What do we need to provide before you can quote?

A: It is better to provide part photos with dimensions, 3D design, or 2D design.

Q: What is your delivery time?

A: Because the design and manufacturing process of each mold is different, We haven’t seen your product pictures and designs, so we can’t give you an accurate delivery time, Usually our mold delivery time is 65-80 days

Q: What is your mold packaging?

A: Our mold is packed in wooden cases, usually reinforced with iron straps.