Horizontal tube expander machine of heat exchanger

This is a Horizontal tube expander machine for producing heat exchangers, which uses hydraulic pressure as the main power. It can smoothly output expansion force without worrying about fin damage throughout the entire production process. Compared to vertical expansion machines, its price is more competitive, and workers can operate the heat exchanger core more smoothly

During the production process of this Horizontal tube expander machine, it can achieve the length of the tube not to be shortened. In today’s expensive copper tube, this equipment will greatly save raw materials and improve production efficiency for the factory

After multiple updates and upgrades, the Horizontal tube expanding machine can achieve flaring function during the expansion production process, which will greatly improve production efficiency,

Horizontal expanding machine

Horizontal tube expander advantage

intelligent control

The machine adopts a PLC as the control operation center, a 7-inch touch screen as human-computer interaction, and multiple languages can be selected

Convenient operation

The workbench of the horizontal tube expander machine is very suitable for ergonomics, and the entire operation process is very easy for workers

Strong power

It adopts hydraulic drive and is equipped with a pressure regulating device. Whether your material is copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc., it can be easily controlled

Horizontal tube expander Technical Parameter

pipe typeU-shaped pipes
straight pipes
China PortShanghai or ningbo
Machine colorcustomer requirements
Application areasHVAC
heat exchangers
After sales serviceengineer on-site installation
Warranty period1 year
Power supply380V 50Hz
Power Voltage7.5kw
Weight15.5 tons
expanding machine
heat exchanger expanding machine

Horizontal tube expander control system

  1. The machine has a PLC as the main control center
  2. All other electronic control components come from internationally renowned brands such as Siemens and Mitsubishi
  3. The touch screen is 7-inch and comes from Shenzhen, China. It is equipped with two languages for users to choose from
  4. This horizontal expansion machine can be adapted to the power supply of your country, and can be used normally by simply connecting the power supply

Q & A

Q: What is its packaging?

A: It is packaged in wooden boxes, reinforced with iron sheets, and bundled with high-strength plastic ropes.

Q: What is the usual delivery time for this machine?

A: We customize this machine according to the size of your product, and the usual delivery time is 65 days.

Q: Do you provide technical training services?

A: Our engineers can provide on-site installation of machines and technical training services.