fin mill machine for aluminum radiator

fin mill machine outline

The fin mill machine is a simultaneous rolling molding machine with two sets of rollers, One set of rollers is to press the fins into a shuttered window, and the other set of rollers is to form the shape of the fins, which is essential for the production of automotive radiators

The electrical control parts of this machine are from internationally renowned brands such as Siemens or Mitsubishi,

the touch screen delivered by the machine is from the well-known Chinese brand DELTA, and the servo motor and drive controller are from DELTA, If you really like which brand, please let us know, we can customize it for you

Our latest generation of fin mill machine can achieve unattended production, and our technology is far ahead of our competitors

The separately designed lubricating oil spray device can effectively block the diffusion of lubricating oil,

Provide a good working environment for the production workshop, and reduce production costs for the recycling and reuse of lubricating oil

this fin mill machine can produce these products

radiator core

Our Advantage

1, Very competitive prices are not our only advantage, we take into account excellent quality

2, Our fin machines can achieve unattended production, saving you a lot of labor costs, and the aluminum fins produced are very neat

3, Customization of any fin size, as long as this fin is used in the vehicle radiator field,

we have 100% ability to design the fin you want, and quickly manufacture it and deliver it to you

4, The appearance of the machine is customized. You can choose any color you like. We will manufacture this fin machine completely according to the color you like

fin mill machine details

aluminum fin machine roller
fin forming machine

technical data

Foil thickness0.05-0.15mm
Foil materialaluminum
MOQ1 pcs
Machine dimensions480*0.8*165CM
Delivery time45 days
Machine weight1.8T
Power Supply380V/50Hz

machine video