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we are a corrugated fin forming machine manufacturer in china, The wave fin machines manufactured by our company are sold all over the world, This fin machine can produce aluminum foil, copper foil, stainless steel foil, titanium alloy foil, iron foil, and other raw materials, Various high-precision fins with thicknesses of 0.05-0.5mm, such as windowed fins, wavy fins, serrated fins, straight fins, concave fins, offset fin machine, etc

We delivered 3 fin machines for aluminum heat exchangers in Russia this year, The machine has many advantages, such as low noise, low vibration, rapid mold change, automatic lubrication system, automatic oil injection system for raw materials, etc., which are very popular with customers

Machine technical data

  • Foil material: aluminum, copper,SS304, SS201, titanium alloy, iron
  • Foil material thickness:0.2-0.4mm
  • Fin height: 2.5-12mm
  • Finned tube outer diameter:Φ25-88mm
  • Fin pitch:1mm-6mm
  • Fin Max length: any
  • Fin max wide: 300mm / 450mm

Advantages of Fin Machine

  1. The equipment is controlled by PLC touch screen to realize visual operation,
  2. The machine is easy to operate,
  3. High precision,
  4. Stable operation,
  5. The mold is replaced quickly,
  6. At the same time, the equipment has good scalability,
  7. Low noise operation
  8. Automatic oil filling system
  9. Servo counting accurate cut-off
  10. Very competitive price
  11. Small fins can be produced in multiple stations
  12. High-speed and convenient raw material replacement device

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