fin die tooling of Heat exchanger and condenser

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What material is suitable for fin die tooling, The key factor is what kind of material the mold produces, What is the most suitable mold tool, As long as we understand this factor, we will know what materials are suitable.

Punch needle material of cutting die

The material characteristics of the punching needle of the blanking die for thin plates are high wear resistance and high hardness, while the punching needle of the blanking dies for thick plates has high wear resistance and compressive yield, and in order to prevent the punching needle from breaking, it should also have high fracture resistance, high bending strength, and toughness.

Punch needle material of drawing die

The punching needle material of the drawing die should have good adhesion resistance, high wear resistance, and hardness, and should have a particular strength and toughness, as well as good heat treatment.

Punch needle material of fin die tooling

The material of the cold extrusion dies punching needle is required to have high strength, hardness, and high wear resistance. In order to avoid impact fracture, it is also necessary to have a certain degree of toughness. Due to higher temperature during extrusion, it should also have a certain degree of heat fatigue and thermal hardness.

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