controlled atmosphere brazing furnace for aluminum radiator

This Controlled atmosphere brazing furnace is a special type of brazing furnace that can ensure welding quality by controlling the atmosphere and is widely used in fields such as automobiles, industry, aerospace, etc.

Its main characteristic is its ability to operate at high temperatures. Normally, the maximum temperature of the controlled atmosphere brazing furnace can reach 700 °C,

and the normal operating temperature is approximately 615 ℃, This temperature range can effectively ensure the quality of welding products. Thus achieving high-quality and rapid production of aluminum products.

Welding and Application

In a controlled atmosphere brazing furnace, the atmosphere during the welding process is very important. In general, it uses inert gas (nitrogen) as the welding atmosphere to protect the welding area from oxidation or contamination.

At the same time, precise control of atmosphere pressure, flow rate, etc. can also be achieved to achieve better welding results.

The controlled atmosphere brazing furnace has a wide range of applications, which can be used for welding radiators, evaporators, condensers, intercoolers,s and other products used in automobiles and industries.

In addition, controlled atmosphere brazing furnaces can also be applied in fields such as aerospace, shipbuilding, and power.

In these fields, this production line can be used to weld various high-strength and high-hardness aluminum products, thereby ensuring the quality and reliability of the products.

Degreasing cleaning500*200*160cm
Flux Spray zone450*180*160cm
Drying zone800*200*160cm
Brazing zone1200*200*160cm
wind cooling400*200*180cm
Operation zone300*150*120cm
This size is for reference only, The actual size may be slightly different from these
controlled atmosphere brazing
furnace brazing aluminum 1

controlled atmosphere brazing parts

It is a production line composed of multiple parts with independent functions. These parts work together to effectively achieve high-quality welding of aluminum products. The following are its main components and functions:

1, Degreasing cleaning:

The degreasing cleaning system is used to clean aluminum products, usually by cleaning the surface of the product at high temperatures. This can remove grease and dirt from the surface of the product and improve the brazing effect.

2, Flux Spray System:

The flux spray system is used to spray flux on aluminum products before welding. This is a fully automatic device, and workers only need to place aluminum products on the network chain

3, Drying system:

The drying system is used to dry aluminum products sprayed with brazing flux to ensure that there is no moisture on the surface of the product. This can enhance the welding effect during the brazing process.

4, Brazing system:

The brazing furnace is used to heat aluminum products to a high-temperature state. The brazing system can accurately control the temperature and time during the welding process through the control system to achieve high-quality brazing effects.

5, Strong wind cooling system:

The strong wind cooling system is used for the rapid cooling of aluminum products after brazing is completed

6, Smoke exhaust duct system:

The smoke exhaust duct system is used to exhaust excess heat generated during the welding process from the outside.

7, Control system:

The control system is the core part of the controlled atmosphere brazing furnace, which can accurately control various parameters during the welding process to ensure welding quality.

8, Nitrogen pipeline system:

The nitrogen pipeline system is used to provide inert gas during the welding process to protect the welding area from oxidation or contamination.