radiator Core builder machine of fully automatic

This equipment is called the Radiator Core Builder, which is an advanced fully automatic production machine for radiator aluminum cores,

representing the highest level of automotive radiator core manufacturing.

It is a fully automated production achieved by linking multiple independent production machines together and collaborating with multiple robotic arms.

Working principle

The production line of Radiator Core Builder adopts highly automated processes, from aluminum foil to fins, arranging and organizing aluminum tubes,

installing side and head plates, all of which are achieved by multiple independent production machines.

The production efficiency of this machine is very high,

it can produce multiple radiator cores per minute, and the product quality is stable.

In the production line of Radiator Core Builder,

the fin machine will roll and shape the aluminum foil and automatically load it into the designated tools of the machine. This is achieved by high-precision tools and automated control systems.

engine radiator core
radiator core

Next, another important machine in the production line of the Radiator machine is the aluminum tube finishing machine. The worker only needs to put the pipe into a dedicated slot.

The machine will automatically organize and arrange neatly Install an accurate number of aluminum tubes according to the size of the radiator core

Then, the last machine in the production line of Radiator Core Builder is the installation of the side and head plates of the radiator,

which is completed with specialized tools and molds and high-precision automation control,

Finally, when the radiator core is assembled, the robotic arm will take it to another workbench.

The iron wire will tie and fix the radiator core, and the other robotic arm will take out the radiator core and place it in the designated position

Radiator Core Builder Machine Technical Data

max size800*800mm
core rows1 row & 2 rows
fin high 5-8mm
Tact Time30-60/h
delivery time130 days


The emergence of Radiator Core Builder has brought more efficient and reliable production of radiator cores to the automotive industry.

This machine is suitable for large OEM radiator factories,

which can improve production efficiency and product quality, and reduce production costs and environmental pollution.

At the same time, the Radiator Core equipment is also a highly automated device that can reduce manual intervention and reduce the risks of production operations.

machine video