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  • Condenser tube grooving machine

Condenser tube grooving machine

Place of production :china

Production capacity:Around 14000 pcs/Hour

Drive mode:Servo/Pneumatic

Overall dimension:1800*1500*1700mm


Product Details

Condenser tube machine

The condenser slotting machine mainly produces the slotting of condenser collecting pipe, with 4-6 workstations, Condenser tube grooving machine its servo control slotting distance, accurate size, and high efficiency

This machine is driven by a servo motor and has many advantages, such as a cylinder clamp, no burr in the saw groove, a PLC control system, etc

This machine has a 3-axis movement, X-axis Y-axis Z-axis, which is controlled by servo motors. By setting parameters on the touch screen, various sizes of aluminum condenser manifolds can be produced

This machine has an independent automatic coolant supply and automatic cooling function, so it is very easy and simple to replace the coolant

Independent cutter structure design makes blade replacement easy and enjoyable

Condenser tube grooving machine

machine Description:

name: Condenser tube grooving machine

Workpiece specification: D Type/ Round Type Manifold Pipe

Baffle Hole: as per the customer’s requirements

Slot Quantity: Customers set themselves

Precision tolerance range: Per customer’s requirements

Pipe Processed per time: 1-5 pcs/time

Operation method: Manual loading-Auto cutting-Manual unloading

Production capacity: Around 14000 pcs/Hour

Drive mode: Servo/Pneumatic

Overall dimension: 1800*1500*1700mm

Weight: 1.5T

Power Supply: 380v / 50Hz

Machine appearance color: the default color is white, which can be customized according to customer requirements

machine description

machine dete

machine video