• Condenser tube grooving machine

Condenser tube grooving machine

Place of production :china
Production capacity:Around 14000 pcs/Hour
Drive mode:Servo/Pneumatic
Overall dimension:1800*1500*1700mm

Product Details

Condenser tube grooving machine

The condenser slotting machine mainly produces the slotting of condenser collecting pipe, with 4-6 workstations, Condenser tube grooving machine its servo control slotting distance, accurate size, and high efficiency

This machine is driven by a servo motor and has many advantages, such as a cylinder clamp, no burr in the saw groove, a PLC control system, etc

machine Description:

Workpiece specification: D Type/ Round Type Manifold Pipe

Baffle Hole: as per the customer’s requirements

Slot Quantity: Customers set themselves

Precision tolerance range: Per customer’s requirements

Pipe Processed per time:1-5 pcs/time

Operation method: Manual loading-Auto cutting-Manual unloading

Production capacity: Around 14000 pcs/Hour

Drive mode: Servo/Pneumatic

Overall dimension:1800*1500*1700mm


Power Supply: 380v / 50Hz

Machine appearance color: the default color is white, which can be customized according to customer requirements

machine description

machine dete
Condenser tube grooving machine video