• pipe cutting machine for Condenser and evaporator

pipe cutting machine for Condenser and evaporator

machine name: tube cutting machine


Drive mode: Servo & Pneumatic

Overall dimension:4500*850*1700mm


Main introduction

This pipe cutting machine mainly straightens the harmonica tube of the intercooler and condenser,

It has 2 workstations that can work at the same time, It is mainly driven by a servo motor.

It works quietly and saves electricity, We can customize the professional mold according to the size of your harmonica tube

Set the size of the machine automatically cut off and Narrowing of tube incision,

You can contact our engineer for more details about the condenser tube machine

tube cutting machine

pipe cutting machine technical parameter

Delivery time46 days
Power Supply380V/50-60Hz
power Voltage3.5kw
Machine weight3500kg
Overall dimensions450*85*170cm
Drive modeservo & pneumatic
Production speedabout 44/min
processed2 pcs / time
Working sizewidth 12-32mm
thickness 1-3mm
condenser coil bending machine
aluminum condenser

pipe cutting machine Working principle

1, Install the aluminum tube of the microchannel of the coil into the uncoiling machine and lock the fixing device,

2, Extend the microchannel aluminum tube through the designated positions of multiple sets of rollers to the position where the aluminum tube is tightened

3, The tube cutting machine clamping tool is connected to a servo motor driven screw, which can accurately control the transmission length of microchannel aluminum tubes

4, When the tool driven by the servo motor tightens the aluminum tube of the microchannel and the length set by the installation program is transmitted in place, the cutting tool will automatically work to cut the aluminum tube

tube cutting machine advantage

1, The main driver is a servo motor, which can accurately control the length of each microchannel aluminum tube, effectively ensuring the consistency of aluminum tube quality

2, This device has a 7-inch touch screen that allows workers to set the machine’s work program, fully automated control of the machine, achieving unmanned production and saving production costs for the factory

3, This machine is equipped with multiple sets of rollers and has achieved full range straightening of microchannel aluminum tubes, including upper, lower, left, right, and so on, providing further assurance for the quality of the aluminum tubes

4, This pipe cutting machine has two workstations working simultaneously, which can further improve production efficiency