Application fields and characteristics of fin machines

Sheet forming machine is a special processing equipment for processing heat transfer fins, which is the key component of heat exchanger.

The compact heat exchanger products with such heat transfer fins have been widely used in automobile, ship, air conditioner, compressor, engineering machinery, mining machinery, aviation, military industry and hydraulic oil cooling industry. Over the past few years, the company has been committed to the development and research of fin solutions and product improvement, and seriously listen to customer opinions, actively explore the direction of product improvement, and always maintain the advantages of high precision, reliability and stability in the domestic market.

Application fields and characteristics of fin machines

Our fin machines mainly have a complete production line of discharging, punching, punching and cutting, and there are many types of fin forming machines. Common fin forms: straight fin, serrated fin, porous fin, corrugated fin, louver fin, etc. can be made.

Our machines have the following advantages:

1. Central spindle. If the spindle is placed in the center position, the transmission parts of the force can be reduced to reduce the loss in the process of force transmission, and the accuracy of the machine tool can be improved at the same time.

2. High precision. The flatness of the limit position of the upper and lower die table and the flatness of the die table in the process of motion are higher than those of the similar products, so as to ensure the stability of the machine tool performance.

3. Automatic lubrication system. Unique automatic lubrication system is designed to reduce machine wear.

4. Stepless adjustment. It can realize stepless adjustment and break through the limitation of less gears of traditional mechanical speed regulation.


5. The structure is compact and easy to operate. The traditional structure is optimized to make the structure more reasonable and the operation more convenient. Also designed a unique mold height mechanism, so that one person can easily debug the mold.

6. High efficiency, low power consumption and stable performance. The improvement of precision, the reduction of wear and the optimization of structure make the overall efficiency of the machine tool improve and the performance is more stable. In the case of sufficient punching, the machine uses 3KW motor, so as to reduce power consumption and save cost.

7. Convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost. The optimization of the structure makes the parts of the machine tool the most simplified, so that the maintenance is convenient and the maintenance cost is low.

8. Structural design. The structured design can replace various processing dies according to the need to process fins of different specifications and shapes.

If you have any special use, please contact us. For the entrustment of customers, we will design special fin machines for customers in the shortest time with the most professional technology and the most rigorous attitude to meet the special needs of customers.

Application fields and characteristics of fin machines