aluminum oven temperature tracker Precautions for use

temperature tracker Precautions

For the use of an aluminum oven temperature tracker. it is necessary to master the correct method,  so as to ensure the accuracy of measurement data. What should be paid attention to?

data acquisition

1. First, check whether the battery power is sufficient. If it is lower than 20%, it must be charged first. Secondly, if the surface temperature of the instrument is higher than 45 ℃. do not charge, and try to charge at room temperature.

2. Typical causes of problems when establishing communication

a communication line is not fully inserted – confirm that the correct jack is used,

B communication line or connector is damaged – check whether there is open circuit or other damage.

Replace the power on the battery if necessary – charge and ensure that the charging LED is on.

3. The heat insulation box can withstand temperature for 9 minutes at 280 ℃ at most.

Please be sure to exceed this range to ensure that

the internal temperature of the instrument does not exceed 85 ℃

data acquisition

4. If it is not used for a long time, please observe whether the data indicator flashes every 5 seconds. If it flashes,

please press and hold the “start” and “end” key for about 5 seconds until the indicator flashes suddenly, and then observe until no light flashes

5. Be sure to cover the heat insulation box when passing the furnace. It’s better to hear a “click”

6. Only one furnace temperature tester recorder can be connected to the computer at a time. You cannot connect multiple recorders to the same USB port on the computer at the same time, and then select one of them.

7. Pass the furnace again after one time, and use it after the heat insulation box is cooled

brazing Furnace temperature recorder


matters needing attention

As we all know, thermocouples can directly measure. the temperature and convert the temperature signal into a thermoelectric EMF signal, and then into the temperature of the measured medium.

It is often used as a temperature measuring element in furnace temperature trackers, so the correct use of a thermocouple is very important, which is related to the change of temperature curve.

Thermocouples are the most prone to problems in use. Thermocouples are consumables, but they can be repaired. It is imperative to master the correct use method, as follows


1、 When pasting the workpiece, the thermocouple of the furnace temperature curve tester must remember to closely fit the product workpiece

and the solder joint of the thermocouple cannot shake inside.

Especially, when the solder joint of the thermocouple touches the metal, it is easy to generate instantaneous voltage, resulting in the sudden rise of the temperature somewhere in the measured temperature curve,

This will cause the y-axis coordinate of the analysis software to become very high, and the whole curve will look very small.


2、 The correct wiring method of the thermocouple is: the red wire is connected to the negative electrode and the yellow wire is connected to the positive electrode.

When connecting, the two wires must be pushed up to the triangle of the male plug to prevent short circuit of the exposed part.

3、 For glass fiber thermocouples, remember to hold the male plug with your hand and pull it out. Do not pull the wire,

which is easy to cause the protective sleeve to be pulled out or pulled out of the male plug,  resulting in exposed wire core and short circuit.

4、 Do not knot or fold into more than 90 degrees during use which is easy to cause the internal two wire cores to break. After breaking,

you don’t know where to break, so this thermocouple is useless. Be careful when using it and don’t carry out barbaric construction.

In operation, pay special attention not to damage the thermocouple otherwise

the temperature curve measured by the furnace temperature tracker will be abnormal and affect the product quality.