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  • heat exchanger fin machine supplier good price


    heat exchanger fin machine outline Heat Exchanger Fin Machine is an aluminum fin machine that produces heat exchangers. It can also produce metal materials such as iron foil, copper foil, stainless steel foil, and titanium alloy foil, It is a device that can operate continuously without human intervention. It leads the market with its reliability and efficiency, leading the mechanical industry. This machine has an automatic lubrication device, Preset production quantity, (when the production quantity reaches the standard, the machine will automatically stop), and ot...

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  • tube finning machine


    tube finning machine outline This tube finning machine is suitable for producing two kinds of metal fin tubes with different diameters.By replacing the blades of the extrusion roller, it can produce two types of metal fin tubes, as well as one type of metal fin tube. Compared to the previous generation of machines, we have upgraded the structure of the extrusion roller, making it easier to replace the blade and improving the accuracy of the blade To produce different pipe diameters, we have added a scale to the adjustment position of the machine. Now we can visua...

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  • Flat Fin Machine for plate and bar heat exchanger


    Flat Fin Machine outline The Flat fin machine is specialized for producing cooling fins for plate and bar heat exchangers, This equipment is similar to the working type of the piston and continuously produces work up and down, The sliding bushing has an automatic lubrication device, The excess lubricating oil will automatically flow to the oil sump. Machine delivery list ITEMQTYDecoiler1 SETfin machine1 SEToil tank1 SETServo cutting machine1 SETfin tool1 SETspare parts1 SETFoil lubrication1 SETinstructions1 SET main features 1, The column bushing of the...

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  • fin mill machine for aluminum radiator


    fin mill machine outline The fin mill machine is a simultaneous rolling molding machine with two sets of rollers, One set of rollers presses the fins into a shuttered window, and the other set of rollers forms the shape of the fins, which is essential for the production of automotive radiators The electrical control parts of this machine are from internationally renowned brands such as Siemens or Mitsubishi, the touch screen delivered by the machine is from the well-known Chinese brand DELTA, and the servo motor and drive controller are from DELTA, If you really...

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  • extruded fin tube machine made in China


    extruded fin tube machine outline This extruded fin tube machine nests two types of metal tubes together and compresses the outer tubes to form threaded fins, The inner tube can be made of any metal material, and the outer tube is usually made of aluminum or copper material The tube fins are formed by machine extrusion, and the fin base and the outer wall of the tube closely fit. This type of fin tube has an excellent heat conduction function Fin tubes are key components of air coolers, and large-scale heat exchangers and steam condensers are also widely used, so...

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  • fin tube rolling machine at best price in china


    fin tube rolling machine outline This fin tube rolling machine is specialized in producing two metal spiral fin tubes with different diameters. It can produce special finned tubes for bimetallic heat exchangers This machine adopts a 3-axis rolling roller design, an independent lubrication cooler device, and customized special tools. This fin tube machine can realize completely independent and automatic production Our machines have very stable product quality, a simple operation control system, a very competitive price, and are very popular with customers. At pres...

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  • Finning Machine for extruded fin tube


    Finning Machine outline Finning Machine is a machine that produces metal finned tubes, whose main function is to form a finned structure on the metal tubes. These tubes are usually used in radiators and heat exchangers, as well as in some industrial equipment. The machine structure of the Finning Machine usually consists of three rotating spindles and a fixed base. Each spindle is equipped with a blade roller, which is usually composed of multiple blades with sharp edges. The metal tube is placed in the middle of three rotating spindles and then compressed and cut b...

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  • copper fin machine production line for heat exchanger


    Machine Outline The copper fin machine is a key production line for producing air conditioning condensers and industrial heat exchangers, This fin production line is composed of raw material uncoiler, oil tank, open high-speed precision press, vacuum sucker, and aggregate device; PLC electric centralized control system, preset chip counting, aggregate counting, and other functions with encoder to meet the requirements of the high-speed production line The main machine is equipped with hydraulic overload protection and electric regulation of mold height; Thin oil ...

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  • aluminum fin manufacturing machine for Heat exchanger


    Machine Outline The aluminum fin manufacturing machine is the key machine for the production of the industrial heat exchanger. Its compact design, stable operation, reasonable price, and other advantages have been favored by the market Through our unremitting efforts and continuous improvement of the machine, the fin machine has now achieved full automatic production, and no one needs to watch the machine, saving labor costs for the factory Our fin manufacturing machines are usually used in automobile parts, marine cooling products, industrial air conditioners, e...

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  • condenser fin machine company from china


    condenser fin machine outline We are a condenser fin machine company from China, Our machine is the key machine for producing aluminum cooling fins for aluminum condensers We have been engaged in the manufacturing of this fin machine for 16 years. Our professional ability is far superior to that of our competitors. Our excellent quality also takes into account the beautiful price, This series of machines have been sold to aluminum radiator factories and aluminum condenser factories around the world, and some copper radiator factories also use our machines Some...

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  • radiator fin machine manufacturers from China


    fin machine outline We are a radiator fin machine manufacturers from China, This machine is formed by two rollers and can produce aluminum and copper materials, It is a modern industrial machine that can produce cooling fins for automobile radiators and fins for cooling products used in other fields This machine is characterized by fast production and stable quality. My machine has been sold to factories producing radiators around the world, Users have very good comments on our fin machine, and they very much admit that we are an excellent radiator fin machine manuf...

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  • corrugated fin forming machine


    Machine Overview This corrugated fin forming machine is a key equipment for producing plate and fin heat exchangers. It is driven by a 7.5kw motor to rotate the main shaft and uses the cam to convert kinetic energy to achieve pressing motion The movable board of this machine adopts a four-axis design, which runs smoothly and provides effective precision guarantee for the production of high-precision wave fins This fin machine can press 144 times continuously at high speed per minute, which can save a lot of time and cost for factories during high-speed production...

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