• fin cutting machine | Automatic Fin Making Forming Machine

fin cutting machine | Automatic Fin Making Forming Machine

Drive motor: servo motor

Touch screen: 7 inches

Power supply: 220v

Custom Parameters: Yes

Replaceable: Yes

Product Details

fin cutting machine outline

The servo motor-driven fin cutting machine has very high accuracy and stability. It uses a servo motor as the driving source, enabling very precise motion control,

and ensuring consistency and stability in cutting length. At the same time, the efficiency and stability of servo motors are also very suitable for cutting work that requires high accuracy and speed.

It cooperates with our fin-making machine to achieve unattended, fully automated production

fin machine forming
fin cutting machine
machine namecutting machine
Drive motorservo motor
Touch screen7 inches
Power supply220v
Custom ParametersYes
machine Colorscustomizing
aluminum fin cutting machine
aluminum fin machine details

fin cutting machine superiority

In addition to high accuracy and stability, servo motor-driven fin-cutting machines is also suitable for a variety of materials.

Whether it’s copper, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, or titanium alloy, it can handle it easily.

This is because its cutting blade adopts a dual-cylinder structural design that can be adjusted according to different materials, making it suitable for various materials.

Simply replacing the rollers can easily produce different types of fins, such as serrated, wavy, and linear, which can save a lot of money for your factory

This machine is already equipped with a touch screen, allowing users to customize preset parameters based on different fin sizes


In practical applications, servo motor-driven fin-cutting machines can not only improve production efficiency but also improve product quality.

It can achieve efficient cutting work, and ensure good consistency in product quality and length, thereby improving the production efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises.

If you are looking for an efficient, accurate, and stable fin cutter, a servo motor-driven fin-cutting machine is your best choice.