01 / 2024

Vacuum Sintering Furnace of China Supplier

Machine Overview The Vacuum sintering furnace is a device that utilizes the principle of medium-frequency induction heating and operates under the protection of hydrogen gas after vacuuming. It heats the tungsten crucible ...


01 / 2024

counterflow heat exchanger

Product Introduction The counterflow heat exchanger is an efficient and environmentally friendly heat exchange equipment widely used for energy recovery in civil, commercial, and industrial ventilation systems. This device us...


01 / 2024

air to air heat exchanger

Product Introduction The air to air heat exchanger is an efficient and environmentally friendly energy recovery device, usually made by pressing 0.15mm aluminum foil into shape, The staggered stacking layer by layer forms two...


12 / 2023

bending equipment for Heat exchanger hairpin tube

machine outline This type of bending equipment is mainly used to produce hair clip pipes for condensers and heat exchangers. The device for bending pipes is driven by hydraulic pressure, and the automatic pushing out of pipes...


12 / 2023

Vacuum Gas Quenching Furnace Manufacturer

Product Description This vacuum gas quenching furnace is suitable for quenching high-speed tool steel, cutting steel, and other alloy steels. It has a convection heating function and can achieve fully automatic stage quenchin...


11 / 2023

leak testing equipment for aluminum radiator

Product Description This leak testing equipment is used for testing automotive aluminum radiators, which has many advantages such as accurate pressure testing data, highly automated testing process, etc. The pressure gauge is...


11 / 2023

Air leak tester machine used for automotive parts and industry

Description The Air leak tester machine is used for sealing performance testing of automotive and industrial parts to improve the reliability of product quality. This equipment has become a key part of the production process ...


11 / 2023

Leak testing machine for car radiator and heater

Product Description This is a leak testing machine used for car radiators and heaters. It can be used to test any product by changing different fixtures. It is a table with a size of 2000*980*1800mm and two testing workstatio...


11 / 2023

Nitrogen Generator Manufacturer in China

The nitrogen generator refers to a machine that uses air as the main raw material and uses physical methods to separate oxygen and nitrogen from it to obtain nitrogen. This equipment usually consists of an air compressor, an ...