03 / 2024

electric motor stamping die

Mold Overview The electric motor stamping die plays a crucial role in the motor manufacturing industry, as manufacturers can produce many motor rotors and stators with high efficiency and consistency. These molds are usual...


03 / 2024

Iron core progressive die of small motor

Progressive die Overview This Iron core progressive die for continuous high-speed production and can significantly improve production efficiency. The mold is usually equipped with a servo motor, which allows for precise co...


03 / 2024

Motor Lamination Stamping Die

Stamping Die Overview The motor lamination stamping die is an efficient production tool used to mass-produce iron cores in the motor production process. This type of stamping die is usually composed of multiple workstation...


03 / 2024

condenser coil bender machine manufacturer

Machine Overview This condenser coil bender machine is an efficient automated device specifically designed for bending cores in household air conditioning condensers. This machine uses multiple servo motors as power sources a...


03 / 2024

Motor core stamping die manufacturer in China

Overview The motor core stamping die is a tool specifically designed to manufacture motor rotor components. During the stamping process, the metal sheet is formed by high-speed pressing through a stamping die, ultimately form...


02 / 2024

second hand injection moulding machine

Overview Although these second hand injection moulding machine have already been used, they come from well-known brands such as Haitian and Zhenxiong, which are known for their high quality and reliability. Therefore, eve...


02 / 2024

Heat exchanger tube expander machine

Machine Overview This is a Heat exchanger tube expander machine mainly powered by a servo motor. The servo motor drives multiple sets of rollers to increase speed and force. The equipment can easily expand stainless steel pip...


02 / 2024

Flexible expander machine of Industrial heat exchanger

Machine Overview The flexible expander machine uses servo motors as the main power source, which provides high control accuracy and dynamic response. Servo motors can accurately control the movement of machines, including ...


02 / 2024

Fin stamping die for sale

Fin Die Overview Fin stamping die play a crucial role in the HVAC fin stamping industry. They are not only a high-performance innovative tool, but also renowned for their excellent tolerance accuracy in the industry. The d...