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  • motor stamping die of High speed automatic production

motor stamping die of High speed automatic production

Punching needle: SKH51

Service life: 100 million times

Mold plate material: Cr12MoV

Rotor size: customized

Core height: freely controlled

Iron plate thickness: 0.1-2mm

Product Details

Mold Overview

This motor stamping die is a stacking die specifically designed for producing motor iron cores. It cuts the iron sheets into specific shapes and sizes through high-speed automatic stamping and then stacks them together to form the iron core required by the motor.

This type of mold is widely used in continuous automated production. The iron core mold of the motor rotor has multiple cavities arranged and combined,

each cavity performing a specific task, such as stamping, bending, or forming.

When the material passes through the motor stamping die, each workstation will perform specific processing on the material,

ultimately completing the manufacturing of the entire product.

This fully automated production method greatly improves production efficiency and accuracy, reducing the need for manual intervention.

motor stamping die data

1Punching needle SKH51
2Service life100 million times
3Mold plate materialCr12MoV
4Appearance coloryellow
5Rotor sizecustomized
6Core heightfreely controlled
7Iron plate thickness0.1-2mm
progressive die make fin
motor stamping die 1

motor stamping die advantage

1, Fully automatic production:

Motor stamping molds can achieve fully automatic production, improving production efficiency and accuracy, and reducing labor costs.

2, Long service life:

Because motor stamping molds are usually made of hard materials, they have a long service life and can withstand a large number of stamping operations.

3, No need for additional maintenance:

The motor stamping mold generally does not require additional maintenance work during use, saving maintenance costs and time.

4, Low wear:

Due to the very reasonable structural design of the motor stamping die, its wear during use is relatively small, which can maintain good product accuracy

Stamping die application

Motor stamping molds are mainly used in the production of components such as motor cores, stators, and rotors.

Specifically, motor stamping molds can process metal sheets into various shapes of components through stamping, such as iron core laminations in motors.

The use of this mold not only improves production efficiency but also ensures product quality and consistency, making it widely used in the motor production industry.

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