Caring for the life of the elderly

In the spring of 2023, the staff of Quzhou Changheng Trade Co., Ltd. and the community staff of Qujiang District of Quzhou City participated in the sunset activity in the mountains to send our care to the elderly in the mountains, life of the elderly

All our activities are as follows

1. We clean the room, bed, and kitchen for the elderly left behind (We call them left-behind elderly people whose children work and live in other cities)

2. We count whether all the elderly need long-term special care. Quzhou government will provide the necessary care for these elderly

3. We cut hair and nails for the elderly in need (Because there is no barber shop in the countryside)

4. Our volunteers also have a doctor and two nurses who measure blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, etc. for the elderly Routine physical examination

5. Our middle-aged volunteers also performed wonderful programs for the elderly

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Quzhou is a beautiful city combining modern and ancient times. Confucius, the most famous thinker in Chinese history, lived in this city for the second half of his life. We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful and loving city. The people here inherit the thoughts of Confucius, respect the elderly, care for children, love life, and other beautiful things

We are very much looking forward to the next activity. Although what we do is insignificant, we can bring some happiness to these elderly people. We are very happy to do these things, Seeing the happy smile on their faces is the driving force of our work.

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