• dth drilling machine China factory and good price

dth drilling machine China factory and good price

Working wind pressure: 0.7-1.0 Mpa
Air consumption: 6 m3/min
Delivery time: 55 days
Engine brand: Yuchai
Weight: 5.2 tons

Product Details

dth drilling machine outline

DTH drilling machine is an efficient and economical drilling equipment, which is indispensable for geological exploration and mining fields. There are many types of drilling machines, one of which is the DTH drill machine, also known as the drill hammer drilling machine.

The principle of DTH drilling equipment is to use high-pressure air to push the drill bit into the rock,

and then use the impact and rotation forces of the drill hammer to break the rock, forming a borehole.

dth drilling equipment Application

Due to the advantages of strong functionality, high efficiency, and time-saving, dth drilling machine are widely used in various construction fields.

For example, in the prefabrication of underground tunnels, bridge pier foundations, community road drainage pipelines,

large-scale industrial construction, and other aspects, DTH drilling machines can be used for operation and construction.

At the same time, in sites with high engineering quality requirements and urgent construction time,

dth drilling machines can also reduce manpower investment and improve construction efficiency.

dth drilling machine advantage

The dth drilling machine is equipped with tracks that can move on their own, with a maximum movement speed of 15km/h. When a large area of drilling is needed in a construction site, it does not require a tractor,

With powerful power, this device can drill holes with a diameter of 4-10 inches and a maximum depth of 9 meters

Visual screen, where the operating parameters of the dth drilling machine are concentrated on one screen,

allowing the operating engineer to easily know the operating status of the machine

The quality is reliable, and through continuous improvement by our engineers, the equipment runs smoothly and reliably

Dust removal, The equipment has been installed with a dust removal device to eliminate dust while drilling

Low Air Pressure Impactor parameters

Impact frequency:1100/min
Model CH870
Drill diameterφ90-100
Outer diameter:φ80
Total length615mm
Total weight21 kg
Working wind pressure0.7-1.0 Mpa
Air consumption6 m3/min
Drill pipe specificationsφ50/φ60
dth drilling machine
dth drilling machine

compressed air

The device requires compressed air to send out the dust inside the hole, and the impact part also requires compressed air to provide power,

The normal pressure of compressed air is approximately 0.6-1.0 MPa, and The consumption of compressed air is approximately 6 cubic meters per minute

  • Working wind pressure: 0.7-1.0 Mpa
  • Air consumption: 6 m3/min


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