• Mine air compressor | mobile screw air compressor

Mine air compressor | mobile screw air compressor

Overall dimensions:2950*1750*2030mm

Air displacement:18m3/min

Exhaust pressure:18 bar

Engine power:168kw


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Mine air compressor outline

The mine air compressor is mainly powered by a diesel engine, which drives a screw air compressor to produce high-pressure compressed air
It is mainly used in highway and railway construction, tunnels, water conservancy engineering, etc. The working environment is in places without power supplies in the wilderness

The mine air compressor uses Weichai engine as the main power source, Its characteristics include strong power, low noise, low vibration, and many other advantages, This engine is very suitable for long-term use. Ultra low maintenance costs, simple structure, and very cheap accessories provide a strong after-sales system, It also has low requirements for oil products. So this engine is widely used in Mine air compressor and various engineering machinery fields

Technical parameter

typeScrew type compressed oil cooled
Discharge pressure8-15 bar
Exhaust volume5-18 m3 / min
Screw machine oil quantity16-70L
Engine manufacturerWeichai engine
Engine power38-168kw
Total weight8-25T
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Characteristics of mine air compressor

Diesel movable screw air compressors have several features that make them ideal for use in mines.

1, the compressor is directly connected to the diesel engine through a highly elastic coupling, which eliminates the need for a speed increase gear in the middle. This results in higher efficiency, better reliability, and longer service life.

2, the diesel engine is selected from famous brands such as Cummins and Yuchai, which meet environmental emission requirements and have strong power with low fuel consumption.

3, the air volume control system is simple and reliable. It automatically adjusts the air intake volume by 0~100% based on the size of the mine air consumption. At the same time, the throttle of the diesel engine is automatically adjusted to save diesel oil.

4, there is microcomputer intelligent monitoring of air compressor exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature, diesel engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature, oil tank level,

and other operating parameters. the mine air compressor feature comes with automatic alarm and shutdown protection functions.

5, there are multi-stage air filters suitable for dusty working environments; multistage fuel filters suitable for domestic oil quality status; and super large oil-water coolers suitable for high temperature and plateau environments.

6, a spacious maintenance door makes it easy to maintain parts such as the air filter, oil filter, fuel tank, battery, and oil cooler. This feature reduces downtime.

7, each compressor has to lift rings for safe and convenient hoisting and transportation. The compressor can still move flexibly under harsh terrain conditions.

Engine parameters

Cylinder diameter126mm
Rated power168KW
Rated speed2200 r/min
Maximum torque1350Nm
Maximum torque speed1600 r/min
Minimum fuel consumption≤ 168 g/kW. h
Emission levelEuro II
Overall dimensions126×520×96cm
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Q & A

Q: What is the packaging of your air compressor

A: Our machine is packed in wooden cases

Q: Are you a Mine air compressor factory?

A: yes, we are a factory, Our prices are very competitive

Q: Can I choose the color I like?

A: Of course, the appearance color of our machine can be customized, It’s usually yellow