vacuum heat treatment furnace at best price in China

This vacuum heat treatment furnace is an industrial production equipment with a vacuum environment, which has a wide range of applications, such as the military industry, shipbuilding industry, digital products, pharmaceutical i...



Liquid nitrogen machine industrial equipment supplier

summarize Liquid nitrogen machine is essential equipment in the industrial production field, consisting of air compressors, air coolers, air separation equipment, liquid nitrogen storage and control systems, and other equipme...



Vacuum brazing technology for improving efficiency

Vacuum brazing is a technology that uses aluminum materials for welding in a vacuum environment. In a vacuum environment, there is no gas interference during the welding process, which can better control the welding quality and strength. Compa...



controlled atmosphere brazing furnace for aluminum radiator

This Controlled atmosphere brazing furnace is a special type of brazing furnace that can ensure welding quality by controlling the atmosphere and is widely used in fields such as automobiles, industry, aerospace, etc. Its mai...



cooling plate brazing furnace for electricity car battery

cooling plate brazing furnace outline The battery cooling plate brazing furnace is an automated production line specifically designed for producing electric vehicle battery cooling plates. The production process mainly inv...



Brazing furnace making aluminum radiators and condenser

furnace outline We offer an excellent brazing furnace with unique features suitable for the production of aluminum radiators and condensers for automobiles and trucks. Nowadays, aluminum brazing is undoubtedly one of the m...



furnace brazing services for aluminum radiator

summarize The purchased furnace comes from us. We provide full furnace brazing services, from manufacturing aluminum fins to complete radiators, Our team has an average working experience of more than 15 years. We provide bra...



furnace brazing aluminum Radiator and condenser

furnace brazing outline The furnace brazing aluminum radiator and condenser are customized production lines manufactured with the latest technology, Aluminum plate operation areas, pre-heating degreasing areas, flux spray ...



aluminum brazing furnaces for battery cooling plate

The aluminum brazing furnaces are manufactured with the latest technology. It is a customized production line for producing battery cooling plates for electric vehicles The brazing furnace is a continuous production equipment...



nocolok brazing furnace manufacturer in china

nocolok brazing furnace summarize We are nocolok brazing furnace manufacturer. The factory manufactures 15-20 continuous brazing furnaces every year and uses NOCOLOK technology nitrogen to protect continuous aluminum brazing...



How does vacuum brazing work

How does vacuum brazing work, A Vacuum brazing furnace is a large Bai-type heat treatment equipment, that can carry out vacuum brazing, vacuum annealing, vacuum aging, and other processing. Several different programs can be p...



nitrogen brazing furnace Top manufacturers in China

Main features of nitrogen brazing furnace The new generation of nitrogen brazing furnace is a high-efficiency, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly brazing production line. It is mainly applicable to the continuous bra...