• Crawler drilling machine Manufacturer in China

Crawler drilling machine Manufacturer in China

Weight: 5200kg
Dust removal method: wet type
Overall driving force: 92kw
One propulsion stroke: 3.8m
Lifting force: 2000 KGF
Maximum walking speed: 0.5-1.5km/h

Product Details

Crawler drilling machine outline

This Crawler drilling machine uses a diesel engine, and the hydraulic oil pump provides power to the hydraulic motor of the drilling rig. During drilling, only the down hole impactor consumes compressed air.

Compared with fully pneumatic drilling rigs, fuel and electricity consumption is saved by 40% -50%. Crawler drilling machines are mainly used in fields such as open-pit mining, hydropower engineering, and road construction.

machine Features

  • The Crawler drilling machine is equipped with a high-performance reducer as the rotary power, so the Mechanical efficiency is high, the cost is low, and the performance is stable.
  • This equipment has an overload protection device. When the drill bit is stuck and cannot rotate, the drill will automatically stop running and emit an alarm sound to protect the reducer and engine from damage.
  • The track has power and can move on its own when working outdoors
  • The drill bit adopts a structural design of quick disassembly and installation, and replacing the drill bit can be completed quickly
  • The screen displays various pressures and operating parameters of the Crawler drilling machine, allowing for easy operation

Main technical parameters

Drilling diameterφ 50-90mm
Drilling depth4, 7, 9m
Impact energy250-300J
Impact frequency30-50HZ
Impact working pressure16-19Mpa
Rotary working flow rate:40-70L/min
Dust removal methodwet type
Overall driving force92kw
One propulsion stroke3.8m
Lifting force2000 KGF
Maximum walking speed0.5-1.5km/h
crawler drilling
crawler drilling machine

Crawler drilling machine engine

Our crawler drilling rig adopts the famous brand Yuchai engine, It simplifies many complex mechanical structures, reduces vibration and noise, has sufficient power, low noise, high efficiency, stable exhaust, and is not easily damaged. These advantages are factors that we need to consider when making a purchase

This engine can meet the strictest emission standards of countries such as China and Europe, meet lower emission requirements, and significantly reduce environmental pollution; The fuel economy is also very good

The market share of this engine is very high, and any part can be easily purchased. The low cost of engine maintenance is also one of its advantages

Crawler drilling machine engine data

Engine Featuresvertical
four stroke
direct injection
Torque260 N · m
Cylinder diameter
108 * 115mm
Fuel consumption rate215 g/kW · h
Engine modelYC4D80-T20
Rated power58 KW
Rated speed2400 rpm
Crawler drilling machine

Crawler drilling machine factory video