• down the hole drilling machine

down the hole drilling machine

name: down the hole drill rig

Maximum output torque: 3500N. m

Transportation size: 5800 * 2180 * 2340mm

Diesel engine power: 58kW

Chassis ground clearance: 460mm

Weight: 5200kg

Product Details

Overview of drilling machine

the down the hole drilling machine of Crawler type is a new integrated drilling vehicle specially used for rotary drilling soft rock. It adopts new hydraulic technology, with high rotary speed and convenient drilling displacement. It mainly applies to open-air projects such as drilling and blasting when leveling foundations in urban construction. The drilling equipment has reliable performance and high drilling efficiency. It is a kind of drilling equipment with high-cost performance.

drilling machine manufacturer
down the hole drill manufacturer

Main performance characteristics

  • Yuchai YC4108G diesel engine is used, which is equipped with a clutch device and can be started without load. The power output is all at one end of the machine head, with a novel structure and convenient maintenance.
  • The intake load reduction structure is adopted, with good energy-saving effects, low noise, stable intake, and reliable performance.
  • High-speed internal five-star motor with reliable performance and long service life.
  • The traveling motor for the excavator is adopted, with large driving torque and strong climbing ability of down the hole drilling machine
  • Mann air filter, a world-famous brand, is used. The air compressor and diesel engine share the same set of air filters to improve working reliability and save maintenance time.
  • The operating instrument panel of the diesel engine can monitor the water temperature, oil pressure, battery, and other working conditions in real-time, and has an oil pressure alarm device to ensure workplace safety.
drill hole machine manufacture
drill hole machine manufacture

down the hole drilling machine Technical Parameters

Impactor3-5 inch
Propulsion stroke3200mm
machine namedown the hole drilling machine
packing size580*218*234CM
Diesel engine power58kw
Engine brandYUCHAI
down the hole drilling machine
down the hole well drilling

down the hole drilling machine factory video

Q & A

Q: what is the down-the-hole drill machine packing?

A: The packing of this machine is a wooden box.

Q: What is the maximum drill bit of this machine?

A: We accept customization and you can choose any size.

Q: What brand is the engine of this machine?

A: The engine of this machine is Yuchai YC4DK80, For more details about the engine, you can contact our engineers.

Q: What is the maximum drilling depth of this machine?

A: The maximum drilling depth of this machine is 3200mm.